Sol3g lands 800kW High Concentration PhotoVoltaic deal with Flix Solar

Installation scheduled for August 2008 completion.

In Sol3g signs an agreement for building an 800kW installation in Flix (Español), Sol3g, S.L. announced an agreement with Flix Solar, S.L., part of grupo Finances Personals, for an 800kWp (kilowatt-peak) High Concentration PhotoVoltaic (HCPV) installation.

Project developer Flix Solar has ordered 26,880 M40 Modules for integration with FEiNA SCP SC16 two-axis trackers at the Solar Park Ramón Escriche in Flix (Tarragona) Spain. The Solar Park Ramón Escriche has a system capacity of 8MW today on an area of 40 hectares (~98.8 acres) and is undergoing an expansion to 12MW. MPbata has performed project management for the solar park. For local Flix Blogs coverage in Spanish on the existing solar park, please see Flix posa en marxa el parc solar més gran de Catalunya and PARC SOLAR “RAMON ESCRICHE”.

The Flix Solar deal is the largest project to date for Sol3g since it was founded in 2004. Sol3g now expects to increase production capacity to only 3MWp (MegaWatt-peak) by year end 2008 versus the five (5) MWp indicated in Sol3g inaugurates High Concentration PhotoVoltaics factory.

I believe the Sol3g claim this is the “largest worldwide installation based on triple-junction cells” will be true if the project is completed by August 2008.

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