In Search of Nanosolar GmbH – Part 2

[Luckenwalde (Teltow-Fläming), Germany]

What is the status of the 1 MWp (MegaWatt-peak) solar farm in Luckenwalde?

Well, I bit my tongue when I saw “Nanosolar Broke Ground on 1MW Power Plant, Launched German Panel Factory” by Ucilia Wang at Greentech Media. Why? Because I knew I planned to visit my cousin near Luckenwalde the weekend before PHOTON’s 4th Photovoltaic Technology Show 2009 Europe in Munich.

Lucky for me, it appears the PHOTON article, “Nanosolar: No news from the world champion in blowing smoke,” was premature or did not investigate the 1MW solar farm site with extreme care. From my mistake in visiting Frankenfelder Strasse first during In Search of Nanosolar GmbH, I knew where to go in order to view the southern side of the retired Deponie or land fill.

Above are my Picasa slideshow photos of the 1MW solar farm under construction. While most of the posts and horizontal wooden (yes, wooden) crossbars have been built, only about 36 to 42 Nanosolar modules have been installed on the few vertical supports in place. About half way through my visit on an adjacent public trail, a watchman appeared to observe my photo taking.

My sources indicate the construction began around November 2008 in earnest and slowed because of repeated winter snow and ice.

At first, I thought I was wrong in Searching for the Second Nanosolar? when I said:

In the above Picasa slideshow, the “1MW Freefield Plant” appears to be the Luckenwalde 1 MW solar farm project.

However, after reviewing the photo, it appears this is indeed the 1MW solar farm under construction at the Luckenwalde Deponie.

Meanwhile, at the Nanosolar GmbH factory, Nanosolar signs were conspicuous, although I hear the road signs only appeared in early January 2009. Afternoon Saturday, there were only two cars and one bicycle in the parking lot (one car was leaving as I drove by). I hazard to say Nanosolar GmbH was not working overtime producing photovoltaic modules on the last day of February.

The array mount towards the back of the Nanosolar facility was also bare of photovoltaic modules unlike the press photo released last December 2007. The trucks parked in the back lot seemed to reinforce the notion production shipments are happening.

I didn’t expect to see progress at the 10 MWp (MegaWatt-peak) solar power plant located on the former Rieselfelder owned by NUWAB along with leased parcels. After viewing the 1MW solar farm, the planned 10 MW solar farm will cover most of the Rieselfelder as the municipal water and sewage plant was small by comparison.

Congratulations to Mark Bachman with Pacific Crest Securities for nailing “First Solar Agrees to Acquire Multi Gigawatt Utility Scale Photovoltaic Pipeline” almost two weeks in advance with his research titled “OptiSolar May Be an Attractive Take-out Target”. His research predicted First Solar would acquire the Optisolar project pipeline or SunPower would acquire OptiSolar outright.


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