GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-06-27

  • RT @National_Semi: Missed the Intersolar event in Germany? Watch National’s SolarMagic press conf with Brian Halla #
  • RT @triplepundit: Responding to Iran, Thomas Friedman’s Controversial “Freedom Tax” on Oil – #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: In Search of Skyline Solar – Part 3: [San Jose, California USA]
    High Gain S.. #
  • RT @MartyChavez: EMCORE’s 3rd generation concentrator photovoltaic & the Central Bridge #
  • RT @RhoneResch: House to vote on historic energy/climate bill. Urge Congress to support solar legislation! #
  • DittoRT @DorisJeanette: Thanks , good company! RT @WholeSolar: Following @solarfred @DorisJeanette @edgunther @solarplaza @votesolar @algore #
  • RT @photovoltaik: Phoenix Solar senkt Prognose für 2009: Nach Q-Cells und Ersol hat auch Phoenix Solar EBIT- .. #
  • RT @USSMissouri: Navy awards contract for photovoltaic systems in Pearl Harbor: Ed:Stimulus dollars at work #
  • FSLR: Analyst Day Was Solid, but That Was Expected by Mark Bachmann (Pacific Crest) 2014 $0.52-0.63/W, 15.3%, $0.5 CAPEX #
  • Top Environmental, Green, and Clean Tech Must Read Publications: In Honor of Earth Day Thanks! Add Earth2tech, PV-tech #
  • DIGITIMES: Ulvac to offer micro-Si tandem thin-film PV equipment in Taiwan 9% conversion efficiency? #
  • RT @VVPartnership: Arrests stalled in Carbondale solar panel theft: 30 photovoltaic solar panels were stolen .. #
  • RT @savitz: Tech Trader Daily: MEMC: Poly Oversupply Inevitable, J.P. Morgan Warns Ed:poly Si $35/kg by end 2009 #
  • RT @emcorecorp: Starting the PNM ribbon cutting event setup this morning – Ed:any photos? #
  • Mercury News:Stanford Hospital cuts noise so patients can rest Ed:I had trouble sleeping w/o Ambien until PT started. #
  • RT @CatePowers: RT: @Intersolar Intersolar North America is fast approaching! Are you registered? #
  • RT @chrisrbrown: Putting basic info about Emcore’s involvement in PNM’s DG Solar Program in NM solar blog: #
  • RT @cleantechnica: San Francisco Signs Nation’s First Mandatory Composting Law: Composting will prevent tons of .. #
  • RT @danielscocco: New on DBT: Careful Bloggers, the FTC Might Start Watching You (via @tweetmeme) Ed:you meant RIAA? #
  • RT @Som_M: Timminco resumes Si production at Becancour facility #
  • PV-tech: AU Optronics to purchase majority share in major Japanese polysilicon producer Ed:c-Si or a SiH4 source? #
  • DIGITIMES: AREi building 1MWp HCPV farm in southern Taiwan Ed:$10/W -> $6-8 not high DNI location $4.615/W subsidy #
  • RT @johantrip: @edgunther What happened with your Google results? Why did they kick you out? Ed:Still a mystery if policy or technical #
  • @JoshChernin RT @kenoatman Thanks, more to cover on this topic. in reply to JoshChernin #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: Summer Solstice: Think Global, Photovoltaics Local: Applied Materials Dispe.. #
  • @SolarTechSV Have the SolarTech / CALSEIA Summit presentations, Panel Summaries and Top Initiatives ever been published online? #
  • Father’s Day greeting done. Time to get out and enjoy the summer solstice! 70° F/ 21° C here in Mountain View #
  • RT @fooltoby: 2 More Reasons for Solar Investors to Sweat $TSM Ed:Don’t assume c-Si will be the TSM entry strategy #
  • @plagiarismtoday Thanks, I am following The 6 Steps to Stop Content Theft and using your templates. reply to plagiarismtoday #
  • SolarMagic nail polish (it’s only $6 each) “We’re changing the way you see things” via @tata4u2c #
  • Sending my first DMCA complaint ever to … Google Adsense. The Copyright infringer does not have a Whois contact. #
  • Anon Comment: Advent Solar furloughed everyone for 2 weeks (Emcore furloughed the terrestrial cpv for 3) #
  • Messing with WordPress Plugins: WP-Super Cache. Tried WP-Click-Track but didn’t like the URL formation. #
  • RT @TheLocalGermany: Popstar Nena set to become an Oma at 49 Ed: “99 Luftballons” #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-06-20:
    @Som_M, @solarfeeds.. #

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