GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-07-04

  • @GetSolar The thieves may try to sell the solar modules on Craigslist or eBay. in reply to GetSolar #
  • RT @GetSolar: Napa Wineries’ #solar panels fall prey to thieves. 40 at a time? Yikes. Ed:# fits in a pickup or van. #
  • @journojos The High Brightness LEDs used in SSL are III-V compound semiconductors not silicon based. Similar tech to CPV cells. #
  • @planetrelations (Topper) I saved 14% in gas usage from PG&E. Does Energy Efficiency need friendly competition? in reply to planetrelations #
  • DIGITIMES: Jiangsu Province, eastern China, plans feed-in photovoltaic (PV) capped at 400MWp by the end of 2011 #
  • RT @energynet: RT: @reegle: Safest nuclear power plant of the world is located in Austria: – it changed into a PV plant #
  • PV-tech: Solarvalue returns to the drawing board over UMG silicon viability Ed:Is any comment required? #
  • Pacific Crest: CSI Data Show Another Uptick by Mark Bachman SunPower SPWRA market share slides again in CA #
  • RT @GreenSheet: Despite Government’s Best Effort Solar Industry On Hold Till 2010 #
  • @PhillyGoesSolar Get TweetDeck for iPhone; it’s superior. in reply to PhillyGoesSolar #
  • Google Ad: Stop Being So Negative – – You Can Control Thoughts & Emotions with Positive Psychology Tools. Do I need this? #
  • EETIMES: TSMC in partnership talks with LED chipmaker Epistar, says paper Ed:Will it all be about Compound Semis? #
  • RT @WaltersAdvisory: US Joins International Renewable Energy Agency; Abu Dhabi Selected as Headquarters #
  • RT @TheLocalGermany: Germany tops G8 climate action ranking Ed:US up to #7, better than Canada. #
  • RT @californiapuc: #ca_rps Updated list of renewable energy projects posted (Ed: .xls link) #
  • RT @votesolar: vote on AB 560, bill to expand net metering in CA, delayed to thursday. stay tuned #
  • DIGITIMES: DelSolar planning 700MWp solar cell plant in Taiwan #
  • RT @TheLocalGermany: Rhine River warming rapidly >=2 degrees from cooling coal and nuclear power plants #
  • California’s Attorney General’s filing on FITs to CPUC Ed: from Jerry Brown’s desk @JerryBrown2010 #
  • California’s Attorney General Says Feed-in Tariffs Legal in USA #
  • RT @votesolar: key vote on tues to keep CA solar industry alive: Ed: AB 560 raises the net metering cap to 10% #
  • RT @RaphaelFarray: solar stocks to rise – stay away from “first solar” Ed: FSLR Bloomberg YT video #
  • DIGITIMES: Motech offers 17.5% energy conversion X-Cell #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: SolarTech / CALSEIA Summit:
    “Accelerating the Solar Economy”
    Pending AB 56.. #
  • RT @solarshop: Victorian Government has passed the Premium Solar Feed-in Tariff Net Feed-in Tariff of 60 cents up to 5kW #
  • SFGate editorials on AB560 to raise the net-metering limit to 10% (from 2.5%) #
  • Will this be twitter’s downfall? Automate Twitter – – Auto follow, Auto unfollow, Auto tweet. Set It And Forget It! #
  • Carbon Tax Center: Action Alert: Overhaul or Scrap ACESA (6/23) Tax vs. Trade #
  • RT @triplepundit: What Should Happen to the Waxman-Markey Climate Bill? – Ed:Is it ACES or nothing? #
  • Catching up on Blog comments. The CPV poll seems to be heavily slanted in favor of CPV. Pro CPV ballot stuffing of an unscientific poll? #
  • I am very sad about Farrah Fawcett. I was a Charlie’s Angels fan. I had the poster and a t-shirt with the famous swimsuit photo. Heaven! #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-06-27:
    RT @National_Semi: .. #

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