Virtual 6th European PV Industry Forum

Video of the SET for 2020 Executive Summary

On Wednesday midway through the 24th EU PVSEC, I attended the 6th European Industry Forum titled Solar Photovoltaic Electricity: A mainstream power source in Europe by 2020. The PV Industry Forum has become a ritual since my first in Dresden.

After the introduction, my Canon FS11 camcorder was ready to record the excellent tag team presentation of the SET for 2020 Executive Summary by Dr. Winfried Hoffmann and Anton Milner. Was it rehearsed or have they just presented SET for 2020 many times before? The almost 35 minute presentation is split into four parts below conforming to YouTube video time limits.

I used SplitFuse and iMovie ’09 to prepare the videos. Video editing is time consuming and tedious. I’m looking forward to getting back to writing posts.

That the “New German government won’t slash solar power rates: source” by Erik Kirschbaum for Reuters is no big surprise. The Photovoltaic Industry is good business and an engine for job creation. Will the suggested 15% Feed-in Tariff (FiT) degression occur in 2011 or somehow be enacted in 2009? Changing the FiT midyear (in 2010) is unprecedented and not the way Germany does things.

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