NJCEP CORE Program Inspection Report provides insight into the New Jersey Solar Installation Market

The CORE Inspection Report is an historical record of solar photovoltaic system inspections required by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (http://www.njcep.com/ ) through March 17, 2006. This report is tabulated by installer and includes valuable market information about total installations (projects), total system size installed in kWp, and a rough metric of installation quality with average inspections required before system approval.

The top 3 contractor/installers, Trinity Heating and Air, Sun Farm Ventures, and Energy Enterprises, completed almost 33% of the 1,147 solar system installations.

While 90 installers are included in the report, the top 15 installers completed almost 81% of the 1,147 solar system installations and 57% of the 15.2MWp of the installed system capacity. The system capacity figures for the top 15 installers were pulled down by 3 installers with 10 installations greater than 300kW in size. Also, the 51st through 90th ranked installers had only one (1) install to their credit.

As the report notes, this information is for historical reference and should be used with other information before selecting an installer.

If you sell or market solar photovoltaic products to contractors, here is your primary customer list for New Jersey.

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