Blue Square Energy launches website

I was checking the Blog while waiting for a flight at San Jose Airport, and I noticed a spike in traffic regarding Blue Square Energy (BSE). Sure enough, the website update mentioned for late October has now arrived. I don’t have much time before my flight, but they have a solar cell technology called Bright Point. Here is BSE’s technology description:

Bright Point is Blue Square Energy’s line of high-efficiency solar cells. It utilizes low cost, abundantly available silicon that is enriched with impurities. While other solar companies spend much time and money removing impurities from silicon, we have found a way to use them to our advantage.

While impurities help to reduce the cost, it is our proprietary design and process that increases efficiency. Commercial-size samples have already demonstrated greater than 12 percent, and the company is quickly enhancing the technology to achieve market-leading efficiency. Proprietary manufacturing techniques mean the Bright Point line will soon have the most cost-efficient solar cells on the market.

BSE is offering 200mm and 300mm solar cells now with solar modules coming in 2007. I’ll report on BSE in more detail this weekend. Time to board…

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