Solarvalue beta website and Blog(?!)

Solarvalue beta links live!

Solarvalue AG
(XETRA:SV7) HAS NOT announced these beta links! Check out the new Solarvalue website here and even a Solarvalue Blog here before they are no longer accessible or the new website is launched.

I was just reviewing sources of traffic to my Blog when I stumbled upon this. So I guess Solarvalue is tired of those pesky Bloggers asking hard news questions, and they have decided to cut out the middleman. I am not saying where I found this. After all, I need to keep a few secrets to preserve my PV Blogger job!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting find. my German is rusty, so I’ll have to run it through babelfish. but i’m sure it’s good stuff.

    One thing I’ve been wondering about is the AE Polysilicon story. Any new intel there?

    thanks for the great blog!!


  2. Edgar A. Gunther says:

    My German reading skills are good, and I still cheat with Google Translate if I am in a hurry or need to double check my comprehension.

    Many folks are interested in AE Polysilicon, but I am just one PV Blogger…

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