First Anniversary of GUNTHER Portfolio

Acknowledging those who helped me achieve this milestone

As mentioned in GreenVolts CEO Bob Cart addresses California Clean Tech Open 2007 Kick-off Event, GUNTHER Portfolio turned one year old on May 16, 2007. Since this is a bit of an indulgence, I don’t want to rehash the recent Post 100 on GUNTHER Portfolio when I thanked readers and subscribers. I just want to offer directed thanks to those who helped this Blog get established in the early days.

First, I have to thank Solarvalue for working with an unknown Blogger when they were operating in stealth mode trying to seal the TDR deal. Secretive solar start-up, Solarvalue AG, reveals solar grade silicon production plans through joint venture bid for TDR-Metalurgija in Ruse, Slovenia was the first exclusive story I broke. I remember being worried this story was going to get published somewhere else first.

Second, I am thankful to Renewable Energy Access (REA) and then editor Jesse Broehl for taking a chance on a green, newbie Blogger and reprinting the Solarvalue exclusive as Secretive Solar Start-up Aims for Silicon Production.

This article in REA was a key factor in the accreditations I have received over the past year. I worked with REA again, this time with Sara Parker, News and Contributing Editor, on Cost, Price and Politics: The Growing Photovoltaic Industry.

Next, I want to thank Big Gav at Peak Energy ( for being the first Blogger (and a prominent one) to link to my Blog without preconditions.

Last, I want to thank companies and Friends of the Blog that have opted to dialog and work with a niche PV Blogger. With a little help from my friends, I look forward to an exciting and successful year two.


  1. Klammrot says:

    Congratulations Ed!!!

  2. Big Gav says:

    Happy Anniversary !

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