Cool Earth Solar emerges from Stealth Mode

Announces financing and Board of Directors

Cool Earth Solar (CES) has completed first round financing raising almost $1 million in capital. Part of this was first reported in VentureBeat as Cool Earth Solar raises $750,000 for solar power concentration technology. I cite them even though VentureBeat does not cite my posting firsts.

In addition, Mr. Rob Lamkin, Mr. Jon Bonanno, and Dr. Eric Cummings, the CES founder, have been appointed to the Cool Earth Solar Board of Directors.

CES is implementing their business plan and developing project proposals for a variety of utility company renewable energy solicitations or RFOs (Request For Offers). The first utility scale power plants using CES technology are expected to begin construction in early 2008 with renewable solar electricity production slated for year end.

In an informal comment, Dr. Eric Cummings said:

Things are hopping around here.

Cool Earth Solar was the 2006 runner up in the California Clean Tech Open (CCTO) Renewables Prize category. I first wrote a short blurb about Cool Earth Solar in California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger addresses Solar Power 2006, when they presented their CCTO business plan to the Solar Power 2006 Conference after the Governor.

I noticed a spike in search hits for Cool Earth Solar back in late February, and l guessed this activity was related to venture investor interest. Since then, I have had a patient dialog with Dr. Cummings hoping to land an exclusive story or interview at the appropriate time.

GUNTHER Portfolio may have helped Mr. Lamkin in the initial discovery process with Cool Earth Solar. Thanks again to CES for this announcement prequel.


  1. Bom dia,

    O Cool Earth Solar , parece ser muito interessante é possivel me enviar mais informacoes tecnica desse painel? ainda esta na fase esperimental? Já tem experiencia pratico com esse? gostaria de saber mais sobre esse produto.
    Obrigado pela resposta.

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