2007 California Clean Tech Open Finalists

2007 Finalist Directory now online!

In this year’s California Clean Tech Open (CCTO), 50 finalist teams were selected from a field of 120 entries. The finalists were announced via email after today’s (July 26, 2007) Green Building Innovators Symposium held at Google building 1500. This event was sponsored and hosted by Google.

Criteria used in the judging of entrants are explained at how the 2007 Finalists Have Been Selected.

By my counts, the category finalists were distributed as follows:

nine (9) in Air, Water & Waste,
eight (8) in Energy Efficiency,
eight (8) in Green Building,
nine (9) in Renewables,
six (6) in Smart Power,
and ten (10) in the Transportation Category.

Alas, the team I was invited to join did not make the finals. For the curious, my team’s entry was not in the Renewables category and had nothing to do with Photovoltaics. I look forward to reporting on future developments at the 2007 California Clean Tech Open competition as press without the embed angle.

Thanks to all of this year’s CCTO Volunteers.

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  1. Ed says:

    I’m sorry to hear you team did not make it. The team I am on is one of the 6 Smart Power Finalists. Is looks to be an interesting summer. I’m writing about it on my Green Valhalla Blog.

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