Bah Humbug! eBay cancels Nanosolar Solar Panel Auction

due to the promised charitable use of the proceeds

In the Nanosolar Blog entry eBay cancels our Panel #2 auction — due to charitable angle, Nanosolar Inc. CEO Martin Roscheisen explains the ironic legal story.

In conclusion, Mr. Roscheisen said:

In other words, Panel #2 will stay at Nanosolar for now; thank you to everyone participating in our auction (any complaints about eBay directly to eBay please); and most importantly: HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

I first noticed this yesterday evening when the eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) “bug” I set up to track the auction broke. Bummer, I found watching the auction an interesting holiday distraction.

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  1. fireofenergy says:

    I complained to ebay already because they terminated an auction simply becuase of charity causes(???) I said they missed an historic opportunity. they could appear anti renewable energy as well as anti charity. Who cares what people do with their money!How stupid huh.

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