AE Polysilicon: Final Plan Approved

Ground breaking expected in mid-January 2008 at the Keystone Industrial Port Complex (KIPC)
Production delay of one quarter based on construction cycle of eight (8) to nine (9) months.

One month after the delay I mentioned in AE Polysilicon: Preliminary Plan Approved, AE Polysilicon Corporation was back on the December 18, 2007, Meeting Agenda of the Falls Township Board of Supervisors:


In his presentation to the Board, AE Polysilicon Attorney Mr. Ed Murphy, McBride and Murphy, said:

We’d like to break ground to start this facility sometime within the next 30 days or so because they’d like to have the facility up and operating and producing product before the end of 2008.

As soon as we receive the air permit from DEP and any other local permits, we’d like to start earth moving activities as quickly as possible because the business plan anticipates an eight to nine month construction cycle and they’d like to have the facility up and operating and making product before the end of 2008.

Overriding what was said at the October 16, 2007, meeting, Mr. Murphy indicated both Cell #1 and Cell #2 will be built in construction Phase 1 while reiterating initial production of 1500 metric tons of polysilicon.

A staff engineer with AE Polysilicon in effect told the board fifty (50) percent of the polysilicon production will be sent to Motech Solar (a division of Motech Industries Inc., TPO:6244) in Taiwan. Per Motech and AE Polysilicon ink Polycrystalline Silicon Feedstock Supply Agreement, Motech is both a customer and investor in AE Polysilicon. The staff engineer said the balance of the polysilicon will be available for purchase by other solar wafer and cell manufacturers.

Jonathan Snipes, Chairman of the Falls Township Board of Supervisors, said I am hoping other solar panel manufacturers are listening and will consider locating their wafer and cell manufacturing right next to AE Polysilicon at the KIPC to leverage the polysilicon production.

After the AE Polysilicon presentation, supervisor questions, and no public comments, the Falls Township Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 to approve resolution #07-40 granting the AE POLYSILICON – FINAL LAND DEVELOPMENT plan with Supervisor Vislosky abstaining.

Please see the complementary article AE Polysilicon to Start Construction by Jennifer Kho at Greentech Media along with the prior Silicon Setback.

An online video of AE Polysilicon’s presentation, discussion, and approval vote is available at the Falls Township Board Of Supervisors Meeting – December 18, 2007. Click on:

Part 1 of 5 – 7:32pm to 8:14pm (timestamp range 8:07:13 to 8:14:44)
Part 2 of 5 – 8:14pm to 8:54pm (timestamp range 8:14:58 to 8:19:50)

to view the videos. Part 2 loads right away and has the best content including the approval.

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