Photovoltaics: 2007 Post Review and 2008 Trends to Watch – Part 1

My Top 5 Headlines and Posts, Top 5 Most Popular Posts, and 5 Trends to Watch in 2008

As usual, I am a day or two late on the ubiquitous 2007 Blog year in review and 2008 trends post.

2007 started off strong with the second installment of the Solarvalue Ruše series:

Solar Grade Silicon roads lead to Ruše – Part 2 (Part 1, Part 3)

And the Blog ramped in popularity throughout 2007. Per FeedBurner, my RSS and email subscribers grew from an intrepid fifty (50) base to a year end niche 400. That’s a better growth rate than a certain Solar First stock. Yes, Solar and First were transposed on purpose. I don’t like having Blog Posts show up under a stock on Google Finance just because it is mentioned in passing.

I’ve selected my top 5 posts based on the sound of the headline or actual content as criteria. In 2007, I grew bored trying to get a Solar or Photovoltaic into a post headline just to game the search engines. Although I still use these keywords, I enjoy crafting the best unique, original headline for each post. But I am never afraid to reuse (overuse?) headline phrases to create a new series.

My Top 5 Posts by Headline:

Honorable mention: AE Polysilicon: Follow the Trichlorosilane

My Top 5 Posts by Content:

Honorable mention: 6N Silicon: Solar Grade Silicon from Ontario

As you can see, I am having trouble picking just five (5) of my favorite posts by either criteria. The new In Search of series became two of my top 5 content favorites after debuting towards the end of 2007.

In Part 2, I will list the Top 5 Most Popular Posts with Blog readers and 5 Trends to Watch in 2008.

I hope your 2008 (two thousand eight) has started great.

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