Solarvalue AG Solar Grade Silicon sample Lab “Oratory”

Production starting in the second half of 2008?

Solarvalue issues Annual Report for 2007: Small scale production laboratory starts operations – prove of process abiliy initiated (Deutsch) was the news yesterday, February 28, 2008, from Solarvalue AG (FRA:SV7).

Solarvalue AG Chairman and CEO Claudia Boehringer said:

In the last few months we have built our own laboratory size production facility in the US. This facility has recently started operations directed at testing metallurgical grade silicon from a variety of potential suppliers, as well as evaluating the ability of the Solarvalue production process to refine this purchased silicon into solar grade silicon in our Slovenia plant. We expect to produce the first small quantities of solar grade silicon samples in the very near future.

Besides the Annual Report 2007 (Deutsch), it does not seem as though much has changed since the Solarvalue AG Analyst Conference at the 8. Forum Solarpraxis. As I reported back then towards the end of November 2007:

Solarvalue should deliver SGS lab sample material on the order of 10’s of kilograms before year end.

By implication, the lab samples were then expected in a few weeks at most. And even now the solar grade silicon samples are not ready until the “very near future”. As I understand it, the “laboratory size production facility” is capable of producing solar grade silicon in the aforementioned 10’s of kilograms quantity scale.

All the same points raised in Solarvalue AG Analyst Conference at the 8. Forum Solarpraxis still apply, and I will not belabor them.

In other news, Solarvalue plans issue of bonus shares: Shareholders’ Equity increased eightfold (Deutsch). I far as I understand it, this is stock split to increase the liquidity and daily share trading volume. Shareholders will need to approve this proposal at the upcoming ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2008 (HAUPTVERSAMMLUNG 2008) on March 28, 2008, at 10.00 AM, in the Ludwig Erhard Haus, Berlin, Germany.

Solarvalue’s ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2008 occurs the Friday before the Photovoltaic Technology Show 2008 Europe and the 6th Solar Silicon Conference in Munich (München), Germany.

Interesting timing and about a month earlier than last year.

Solar Temblor: 9 Big Trends by Jennifer Kho at Greentech Media is an informative post worth taking the time to read.

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