Solarvalue produces Solar Grade Silicon sample material

The sample material is about four to five months later than expected.

In Solarvalue Achieves Important Milestone for Silicon Feedstock Production (Deutsch), Solarvalue AG (FRA:SV7) claimed:

its Silicon Feedstock Pilot Facility located in the United States is now fully operational and that silicon has successfully been processed and purified. Initial analysis show that the innovative process using tailor made equipment is able to reduce impurities by using unidirectional solidification.

This milestone was achieved about two months after the “Small scale production laboratory”, morphed into the “Silicon Feedstock Pilot Facility”, began operations as described in the previous post, Solarvalue AG Solar Grade Silicon sample Lab “Oratory”.

Here are some key points to consider regarding this milestone:

  • The “Pilot Facility” capacity remains on the order of 10’s of kilograms scale.
  • The sample material was tested at an unnamed “well known independent materials characterization laboratory in the United States”.
  • The sample material has not been used to make silicon solar cells.

Solarvalue concludes:

These encouraging results complete the requirements for the upcoming milestone of Solarvalue to transfer its innovative production process to the company-owned industrial scale production plant in Ruse, Slovenia, in the second half of 2008.

Are circumstances unfolding for a 2008 repeat of Ruše Surprise: Solarvalue delays Solar Grade Silicon production?

Optimistic, speculative Solarvalue shareholders sent the stock up about €10 on this delayed milestone. Contrast this stock action to Timminco Limited (TSE:TIM) which is under siege by the financial press and short sellers.

And Clean Edge editorial picks has named GUNTHER Portfolio as a Top 10 Blog in the clean-tech space. Muchas gracias!


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    de donde se obtiene el silicio?

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