KGO Radio Solar Project Update: SolFocus Installed!

Photo Credit: SolFocus, Inc.

Inspections expected later this week.

Last week, I noticed Stay Tuned! by Art Lebermann in the KGO Solar Blog chronicling the assembly and installation of the SolFocus, Inc., CPV (Concentrating PhotoVoltaic) solar arrays. Per SolFocus today, the inspections by the city of Fremont should be completed this week and then the solar arrays can go live.

Just after I posted the previous KGO Radio Solar Project Update: SolFocus install delayed on May 2, 2008, I added a comment with SolFocus clarifications to the post:

Nancy Hartsoch, SolFocus Vice President, Corporate Marketing, responded to my questions about the KGO Solar project earlier this week.

The KGO Solar project will use three (3) of the twelve (12) panel SolFocus CPV arrays rated at 2.46kW each for a total system capacity of 7.38kW. The 12 panel arrays will now use a new SolFocus/Inspira tracker and controller with the same fundamental design as SolFocus’ 30 panel CPV arrays.

Ms. Hartsoch said:

“We hope to complete installation and have everything running for KGO prior to the end of the month.”

The SolFocus installation appears to be running about three (3) weeks late. This seems reasonable to me for a new, evolving technology in a specialized application. The CPV arrays can be seen to the right as you drive on CA-84 west over the Dumbarton Bridge.

Now, if I could only get caught up with my own email Inbox.

Also, I want to thank SolFocus, PG&E Corporation (NYSE:PCG), and Premier Power for responding to my inquiries about this project. But jeers to KGO Radio, owned by the Citadel Broadcasting Corporation (NYSE:CDL) radio group, for =never= responding to my requests for background information. Way to go for the third largest radio group in the United States including the ABC Radio Network business.

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