Powercom: More Polysilicon from Taiwan

Polysilicon intended to fuel solar cell subsidiary

Per this DIGITIMES article, Powercom to construct polysilicon fab in Taiwan (subscription may be required), by Nuying Huang and Esther Lam, Powercom Co., Ltd. (TPE:3043) plans to construct a polysilicon production facility in Yilan (County or City?), Taiwan. Powercom is best known as a leading provider of power protection products including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Construction of Powercom’s polysilicon facility is supposed to begin soon with capacity added in eight phases. First phase capacity of 1500 MT (metric tons) is scheduled to ramp in the fourth quarter of 2009. The total capacity from all eight phases is slated to be about 12000 MT.


Industry sources indicated that the polysilicon fab will produce via the traditional Siemens method, with technology to be inherited from Germany and the US. Investors added in saying that Powercom will need to raise NT$6 billion (US$197.5 million) to fund the construction.

Polysilicon produced by the facility will be processed into ingots then wafers to feed the Powercom solar cell subsidiary, Top Green Energy Technologies, Inc. The upstream integration of polysilicon, ingots, and wafers complements existing Powercom solar cell, module, and inverter solutions showcased at the recent Intersolar 2008 trade fair.

Thanks to Craig Rubens at Earth2Tech for linking to my last post, SpectraWatt sources Wafers from PV Crystalox Solar, in the June 19, 2008, post of The Daily Sprout.

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