Intersolar North America: Exhibition Photos

Exhibition and Press Conference Update

The Intersolar North America 2008 Exhibition opened yesterday, Tuesday, July 16, 2008, at a prompt 10:00AM. In lieu of a delayed post about the German American Chamber of Commerce sponsored 1st Solar Symposium (updated with select presentations), I opted to share the experience of visiting the Intersolar Exhibition with two Picasa slideshows.

Intersolar North America expects about 13,000 registered attendees for the inaugural tradeshow. These attendees consist of Intersolar only and SEMICON West registrants expressing an interest in Intersolar. The Exhibition features 210 exhibitors and is a manageable size this first year. A few companies missing from the Exhibition included: Evergreen Solar, First Solar, Q-Cells, Schott Solar, and PHOTON International (Solar Verlag).

Strange but true…
The Panasonic stand is hawking the sale of their Plasma Display Laboratory in Highland, New York USA. I can only presume they feel the facility can be retrofit for thin film solar production with minimal effort. The 93000 square foot building has 34330 square feet of Class 100 Clean Room Space and resides on a 6.3 acre site.

I have thus far commuted on the train (Caltrain) to San Francisco each day for Intersolar. Things were going like clockwork until this morning when my express train turned into a local because of system delays. When I was reviewing my commute options, I stumbled on this news, BART goes solar, saving a projected $3.4 million over 20 years. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is a subway or light rail system serving the San Francisco Bay area. SunEdison, LLC was awarded the $3.8 million contract to install a solar panel canopy at one of BART’s Orinda Station parking lots.


  1. Anonymous says:

    You should check out the 5.7m2 thin film BIPV panel at Sheuco. Impressive structure. It was originaly manufactured by one of Applied’s customers and Sheuco modified it. Sheuco is also getting a line from Applied, so they may be looking to offer this in scale.

  2. Nic Morgan says:

    I Gunther, I’m linking to your blog, to this post and your to other Intersolar post. Usually, people are cool with that, but if you want to talk to me about the links, let me know. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to meet at the conference, if you’re at Solar Power 2008, I’ll be there as an exhibitor.

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