Blue Square Energy: Joseph Babin named new CEO and President

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All has been quiet, too quiet, at Blue Square Energy (BSE) since I posted Blue Square Energy: Solar plans stalled at funding round back on July 8, 2008. Today, “Blue Square Energy Names New President and CEO” resolved the management dispute with the appointment of Joseph Babin as the new President and CEO of Blue Square Energy replacing former CEO Jeff Barnett.

Mr. Babin said:

I am very much looking forward to leading this talented group of engineers and researchers that BSE has managed to attract. Over the next few months, industry watchers in the solar energy space can expect to see a number of exciting new developments from BSE.

Prior to BSE, Mr. Babin was CEO of Kinetix where he transformed a small contracting firm into a large regional MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing), facilities maintenance, and energy services company focused on serving the federal government. His prior business technology experience was as the executive vice president of Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX), an online payment processing platform, directing the sale of EPX to Intercept Payment Solutions.

Mr. Babin shall remain on the BSE Board of Directors; he has been a member since 2005. Mr. Babin also serves on the Board of Directors for Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX), The Elwyn Institute, Grace Institutional Pharmacy, and Exceptional Care for Children (ECC).

I expect Mr. Babin will bring Bright Point silicon solar cell technology development back on track and reinvigorate venture capital funding efforts.

BSE Chairman of the Board of Raymond Moyer seems to concur and said:

Joe is the best of the best when it comes to running a business that works for its shareholders. As a member of the Board, he has had a role in creating a strategic direction for the company, but now he’s going to be responsible for implementing it as well. I have all the faith in the world that Joe and his management team will meet our goal of creating the world’s most affordable high efficiency solar cell.

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No word yet on the exact fates of Jeff Barnett or Dr. Allen Barnett.

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