Concentrix Solar installs 100kW of FLATCON Power Plants at Casaquemada

Casaquemada installation. Photo Credit: Concentrix Solar GmbH

Casaquemada installation. Photo Credit: Concentrix Solar GmbH

Part of 2 MW photovoltaic project in Sanlúcar la Mayor (Seville) Spain.

Concentrix Solar GmbH and Abengoa Solar connected the 2 MW (MegaWatt) hybrid crystalline silicon module and FLATCON CPV (Concentrator PhotoVoltaic) power plant to the grid in late September 2008 while the first Spanish Feed-in Tariff (FiT) law was still in effect.

The Casaquemada Power Plant installation was completed on the Abengoa Solar site, part of the Solúcar Complex, in August 2008. Nineteen (19) 5.75 kW (kiloWatt) FLATCON trackers using the newer, optimized FLATCON modules enabling 23% AC (Alternating Current) system efficiencies (please see Concentrix Concentrator PhotoVoltaic System achieves 23% Efficiency) were used at Casaquemada. This implies a name plate power rating of about 109.3 kWp (kilowatt-peak).

Here is the press release, “Concentrix Solar and Abengoa Solar successfully connect 2 MW power station to Spanish grid” (Deutsch).

In the flurry of September 2008 CPV news, I never posted about these either.

Concentrix Solar completes 200 kW unit in Puertollano” (Deutsch)

In early September 2008, Concentrix Solar finished building and preparing the second set of nineteen (19) FLATCON trackers for grid connection, completing their first 200 kW power plant for the ISFOC (Instituto de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos de Concentracion or Institute for Photovoltaic Concentration Systems) project. Concentrix Solar also began construction of the 300 kW power plant in Sotos, located north of Cuenca (please see “ISFOC 1.3MW CPV Power Plant tenders made public”).

Concentrix Solar successfully installs first system in Italy” (Deutsch)

Also in a busy September 2008, Concentrix Solar installed a 5.75 kW FLATCON tracker demo system in Altomonte, Italy, enabling Electricité de France (EDF) and Edison to gain practical experience operating CPV systems.

And a few more things…

Concentrix has a world map detailing Suitable Locations with abundant direct solar radiation for HCPV power plants.

Abengoa Solar details the Land Requirement for 1 MW Plants and claims about ten (10) acres or a precise four (4) Hectares are required for a 1MW High CPV (HCPV) installation with 2-axis tracking.

And this Abengoa Solar Company overview provides interesting background on their Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technologies and projects as well as low CPV and HCPV.

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