GUNTHER Portfolio launches

My new, self-hosted domain goes Beta!
The tagline is revised to Photovoltaics, Solar Energy, and Energy Policy.

After about two and a half years, the fine sandbox at Blogger was getting too small for GUNTHER Portfolio.

The domain change is transparent to RSS and Email subscribers as demonstrated by the new post, Concentrix Solar installs 100kW of FLATCON Power Plants at Casaquemada. If you have the Blog bookmarked, please update this to

What does Beta mean? All the original content from Blogger blogspot has been imported into WordPress at However, there are occasional issues with the content from the automated transfer process. These may or may not be fixed since the original Blog will remain at as an archive reference. There will be numerous formatting tweaks as the site evolves from Beta.

I’ve learned more about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) than I ever wanted to know. I had a few errant moments yesterday trying to get Internet Explorer to behave after I had perfected my theme in Firefox. The IE Developer Toolbar is invaluable for debugging Microsoft eccentricities.

And, yes, I ignored my own advice from Solar Photovoltaic company Rebrandings hit new High and agreed to an updated GUNTHER Portfolio logo.

Thanks are in order to those who helped me achieve this new milestone. I have mentioned many of you before:

Many thanks again to all the readers, subscribers, and friends of GUNTHER Portfolio.


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