2008 California Clean Tech Open Awards Gala

[San Francisco, California USA]

CCTOlogo Gala Prizes and Awards Galore plus CTO Regional Expansion

Focal Point Energy is the 2008 Renewables Prize Winner with a “Solar Hot Water and Steam Generation for Industrial Applications” system.

The California Clean Tech Open (CCTO) third annual gala awards ceremony returned to the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco last Thursday, November 6, 2008. 43 finalists (44 were announced in “Clean Tech Open Announces 2008 California Competition Finalists”) selected from over 100 original contestants vied for category “Start-Up in a Box” Prize Packages worth $100,000.

Here are the prize winners in my own order along with presentation and acceptance speech videos.

Renewables Prize
Focal Point Energy – 2008 Winner
Renewable Fuel Technologies – 2008 Runner up

Green Building Prize
BottleStone – 2008 Winner
GroundSource Geo – 2008 Runner up
Solar Red – 2008 Runner up

Air, Water & Waste Prize
Over the Moon Diapers – 2008 Winner
Porifera – 2008 Runner up

Smart Power Prize
Power Assure – 2008 Winner
Energy Empowered – 2008 Runner up

Energy Efficiency Prize
Viridis Earth – 2008 Winner
NexChem – 2008 Runner up

Transportation Prize
ElectraDrive – 2008 Winner
Goose Networks – 2008 Runner up

In addition to the six category winners of 2008 CCTO Prizes, the following special Awards were also presented.

Alumni Award
Nila Inc. – 2008 Winner
Syncromatics – 2008 Runner up

Sustainability Award
GroundSource Geo
Power Assure

Green Catalyst Awards
The Green Catalyst Award honored “Angels that really provided the first funding to get the competition off the ground,” said Michael Santullo.

Mark Farley
Derry and Charlene Kabcenell
Wynnette LaBrosse
Frank Levinson (Forbes 400)
Geoff Ralston

A certain Michael and Amy Santullo are also among the charter funders of the competition.

Mentor Award
Bruce Schechter
Mr. Schechter was selected from over 150 mentors guiding the 2008 CCTO finalists and mentored 2007 Transportation Category Winner Syncromatics.

Volunteer Award
Cindi Choi
The Mentor Guidelines & Judging Process is explained in the YouTube video,
CTO Judging Criteria by Cindi Choi.

Sifting through the 2008 Awards Gala and Directory of Finalists, I found seven (7) companies with Photovoltaic or Solar related technologies:

Covalent Solar
Solindis (had an empty desktop display exhibit)
Focal Point Energy
Solar Red
Solar Ice
AAA Fleets aka AAraya

I expect to revisit some of these companies in follow up posts.

Next year, the first regional expansion of the Clean Tech Open (CTO) will begin in Sping 2009 with the Rocky Mountain Clean Tech Open Competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). I recognized a few NREL Industry Growth Forum organizers among the Colorado contingent present at the awards gala.

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