Sol3g: 800 kWp High Concentration PhotoVoltaic Flix Installation Inaugurated

Flix Solar Installation completed in September 2008 under the old Spanish Feed-in Tariff.

sol3gLogo When I saw this “Interview with Ricard Pardell, president and R&D director, Sol3g” at, I was looking for an update on my earlier post, Sol3g lands 800kW High Concentration PhotoVoltaic deal with Flix Solar.

With no mention of the Flix installation, I tried to contact Sol3g, S.L. President and R&D Director Ricard Pardell to get the scoop. Mr. Pardell confirmed the 800 kWp (kiloWatt-peak) Flix Solar installation was completed by the end of September under the Spanish Royal Decree 661/2007. I believe this is the largest High Concentration PhotoVoltaic (HCPV) installation completed by a single company at a single location to date.

Sol3g provided the above photos but said performance data was not yet available. While I don’t know at what time of day these photos were taken, I did notice shading on the lower right modules of the array which appears to be caused by a neighboring array.

Although the details were sparse, a Sol3g spokesperson mentioned Electricidad Alsanbo S.A. completed another 200 kWp installation using Sol3g HCPV M40 Modules for Aquagest in Santa Pola (Alicante), Spain. Also completed in September 2008, this was part of a larger 1 MWp (MegaWatt-peak) photovoltaic plant. I was not able to confirm this information before posting. Please see the Sol3g supplied photos below.

I am looking forward to the Thanksgiving Day Holiday on Thursday. I missed this special family event the past two years attending the Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin. Even though the Forum Solarpraxis was a week earlier this year, I was unable to attend because of a third, and I hope last, surgery (outpatient this time) related to my March Hiatus. I am healing well and fast, and I have much to be thankful for this year.

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