Sol3g 200 kWp HCPV Santa Pola Installation Update

More Sol3g High Concentration PhotoVoltaic (HCPV) installation photos and the exact location from ELECTRICIDAD ALSANBO.

From Sol3g 200 kWp HCPV installation at Santa Pola (Alicante), Spain

Just before Christmas, I received an email from an Electricidad Alsanbo S.A. engineer confirming the Sol3g 200 kWp (kiloWatt-peak) HCPV installation in Santa Pola (Alicante), Spain. I mentioned the install in “Sol3g: 800 kWp High Concentration PhotoVoltaic Flix Installation Inaugurated”. The complete 1 MWp (MegaWatt-peak) hybrid photovoltaic system is designed to provide sufficient power year round for the Aquagest facility supplying water to about 30000 Santa Pola residents.

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From the wide aerial photo above, I count twenty-seven (27) Sol3g trackers. Each tracker has sixteen (16) arrays consisting of fourteen (14) M40 Modules resulting in 224 M40 Modules per tracker. Glancing at the Sol3g M40 Datasheet, each module’s nominal power rating is:

Power @1000W/m2 DNI 35 W
Power @850W/m2 DNI 30 W

Using the later 30 W (Watt) figure as HCPV standard test conditions at 850 Watts per meter squared Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI):

224 modules * 30 W = 6.72 kWp per tracker
6720 kWp * 27 trackers = 181 kWp for the entire Santa Pola installation

Therefore, Santa Pola appears a bit short of the claimed 200 kWp. M40 Module variation might explain part of this discrepancy.

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