In Search of GreenVolts GV1 – Part 2

A new glimpse of the HCPV (High Concentration PhotoVoltaics) project.

[Byron, California USA]

Earlier this month, I had a chance to revisit the GreenVolts, Inc. GV1 site I first posted about In Search of GreenVolts GV1. This wasn’t part of a grand design; I just happened to be in the area and couldn’t resist.

Below is a YouTube video of the GV1 site. I didn’t notice during the visit, and it took prompting by GreenVolts until I realized the “staged materials” towards the southeast corner of Phase 1 were CarouSol units. I zoomed in on these towards the middle of the video without knowing. The SpyCamSystems Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer was new at the project site. I’ve also included a few Picasa slideshow photos. At the time, GreenVolts claimed this was “a working site with roughly 40 total arrays at various stages of deployment in the field,” and modules were on sun logging data.

As this RPS Project Status Table – 1st Quarter 2009 Update (download the spreadsheet) from the California Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) webpage of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) indicates, the 2MW GreenVolts GV1 project is delayed without a revised online date. Although the final detailed schedule is being reworked with PG&E Corporation (NYSE:PCG), GreenVolts is now targeting a mid 2010 project completion date for GV1. The project timing is driven by the improved module redesign and the macro economic environment.

GreenVolts enhances its technology” at CPV Today reports:

GreenVolts says it has come across a new technology opportunity that will allow the CPV technology company to make its CarouSol even more efficient.
Changes to CarouSol will lead to a more efficient, more reliable and resulting lower cost system. Further details at this point of time aren’t being disclosed.

Very mysterious, but a more efficient production III-V Triple Junction terrestrial solar cell is almost certain to be part of the “new technology”.

GreenVolts did not respond before deadline to my question regarding possible schedule acceleration as a result of the $787 billion economic stimulus package.

This may be public relations plain and simple, but I like the sound of “Spire Initiates “Come to America” Program.”


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