Green:Net 09 catches Solar too


[San Francisco, California USA]

Looking for solar amongst the Green:Net

Last Tuesday, the Green:Net 09 conference cast its net and Wi-Fi over the Golden Gate Club located on The Presidio in San Francisco. Green:Net, Where Green and Networks Meet, was billed by Earth2Tech, part of The GigaOM Network, as “The First Green Conference for the Internet Technology Industry.” Green:Net succeeded in covering a wide swath of hot topics including energy measurement and management, smart grids, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) infrastructure, green data centers, and green social networking (please see the Green:Net 09 Program Guide). In fact, #GreenNet was a trending topic on twitter during the conference.

Kudos to Earth2Tech for their swift public release of presentations, videos, and photos from the Green:Net 09 conference:

Green:Net 09 Presentations
Green:Net 09 Videos
Green:Net 09 Photos

A virtual Green:Net is possible by reviewing these nifty multimedia.

I know many attendees thought well of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome’s Opening Remarks (Video), and he outlined numerous interesting plans and proposals. One point stood out to me. Towards the end of his remarks, Mayor Newsome said:

One thing I know is that I don’t know a lot about this, and I am very passionate and eager to explore new ideas and try new things out.

My top keynote, mininote, and panel picks include:

Bob Metcalfe: Internet History Applied To Solving Energy (Video)

I am still trying to grapple with Dr. Metcalfe’s notion of a “Squander able abundance of cheap and clean energy” evolving from energy conservation and efficiency mindsets.

Saul Griffith: An Engineer’s Approach To Climate. Working Backwards From Where We Want To Be (Video)

In order to generate 2 TW (TeraWatts) of the 2033 Energy Mix from Photovoltaic Solar, the PV Industry must produce “100 m2 of solar cells every second for the next 25 years. 15% efficiency, good sitting.” Sounds like job security?

Power 2.0 Panel (Video and note well 6:18 to 9:38)

I was shocked when Andrew Tang, Sr. Director, Smart Energy Web, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, was the first to mention the “proliferation of distributed resources” on the PG&E grid. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company service territory has about 25000 roof top solar installations generating 200 MW (MegaWatts) of power today. Mr. Tang noted controlling tens to hundreds of thousands of generators is the key driver requiring the Smart Grid.

Dotcom To Greenboom: The VC Panel (Video)

This is great venture capital panel with a few solar centric discussions. Erik Straser, Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures, discusses the PV Industry and touches on Nanosolar (7:42 to 11:03).

LAUNCHPAD Companies (Video)

While there was nary a solar start-up in the line up, FarmsReach, “the web hub for local grub”, was my favorite, and GreenWizard and BLDG 2.0 rounded out my top three. Jennifer Kho has the full bushel on FarmsReach in “Can Putting Farmers Online Make Food Biz More Sustainable?” at Earth2Tech.

Making Green:Net Green describes the painstaking efforts to minimize the environmental impact of Green:Net. Om Malik’s “How Meraki Helped Wire Up Our Green:Net Conference” has all the angles covered on the Meraki solar-powered Wi-Fi repeater except for my Picasa slideshow photos above.

After Lunch, I managed to meet Dr. Metcalfe and learned about the Polaris Venture Partners investment in SiOnyx, a company working on a semiconductor process called “Black Silicon” for shallow junction photonics. Initial applications are in detectors and imaging with photovoltaics planned later. Polaris also has photovoltaic investments in Wakonda Technologies, Inc. and 1366 Technologies Inc.

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