2nd European Solar Days

EUsolar_day_logo Weeklong campaign to raise public awareness of Solar Energy in Europe.
May 15-22, 2009, in 16 European Countries.

Per “2nd European Solar Days: Europe celebrates the energy from the sun 15-22 May 2009”:

the European Solar Days aim to promote the use of the sun as an energy source for all solar applications, Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic, throughout Europe.

EUSolarDaysevents Some half million people are expected to participate in over 7000 Events (by country) for European Solar Days (http://www.solardays.eu). Solar stakeholders initiate and organize promotional events ranging from street fairs, educational events, or solar technology exhibitions, to whatever is dreamed up. Each country may participate in Solar Days for the entire period or overlap their solar event plans with the campaign.

Solar Days originated in Austria with the “Tag der Sonne” or Day of the Sun in 2002 followed by Switzerland and Germany.

Though Herr Pöttering is no Obama, this official European Solar Days YouTube video is in German with English subtitles:

Greetings from the President of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Pöttering, on the occasion of the European Solar Days, 15-22 May 2009.

European Solar Days have been coordinated by ESTIF (European Solar Thermal Industry Federation) with EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) and numerous Partners.

Further European Solar Days resources include a Presentation, Press Information, and an ESTIF Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling presentation.

I was reminded about European Solar Days by this Photovoltaik (http://twitter.com/photovoltaik) tweet:

Solarpraxis AG: Solarkampagne startet in ganz Europa : Eine Woche lang wird es europaweit Veranst.. http://bit.ly/39Qxb about 10 hours ago from twitterfeed

As I mentioned to a new acquaintance at the Computer History Museum’s IC at fifty event, “The Planar Integrated Circuit: Building the Future at Fairchild Semiconductor,” I’ve been feeling like the PV Doctor Doom as of late. I just had to post about Solar Days to restore the balance.

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