GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-05-23

  • @roycef Phantom PV jobs – appearances, advertising, keep the pipeline active for 2H09 turnaround. in reply to roycef #
  • @REWorld I knew that. Questionable practice using REW company account. PR should be marked “PR” so it cannot be confused with real news. #
  • I heard today that a number of PV job openings are not real. Most companies are waiting for the PV market to turn around before hiring. 🙁 #
  • I’m struggling with a post. Not getting done again this evening. #
  • RT @reworld: OPEL International – Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders Ed:Why does REW tweet OPEL’s PR??? #
  • @arielhs OK, SF hills are a challenge. I find driving down a steep SF hill scarier than going up. in reply to arielhs #
  • @arielhs That’s why I will go clean diesel while I can. Manuals are doomed with PHEVs. in reply to arielhs #
  • Competition heats up for $EMKR as Cyrium Technologies enters CPV solar cell market. EMKR should focus on IMM not CPV systems. #
  • RT @ericdesfonds: Cyrium Multi-Junction Solar Cells: Industry-Leading Performance to … #CPV #Solar #Cyrium #
  • RT @TheLocalGermany: Oktoberfest beer Maß prices bubble over Ed: €8.60 Maß! No side trip after EU PVSEC? #
  • RT @GreenSheet: The $473 Million First Solar Selloff $FSLR Ed: PV-tech Chip Shots #
  • @arielhs Lucky you. I wish I covered greener vehichles. Is there a manual option? 🙂 in reply to arielhs #
  • RT @photovoltaik: Solarpraxis AG: Asbeck will Vorstandsbezüge deckeln:.. Ed: SolarWorld wants to cap exec pay €1M. #
  • Tweeting Too Hard: A site for shaming the twitteringly self-important Don’t end up here! #
  • RT @greeninc: Wall Streeters Look to Join Carbon Trading Ed:Scary! A carbon tax is more transparent. Simpler. #
  • EETimes: Applied Materials says U.S. economy still declining Ed: How’s that for a macroeconomic picture? #
  • RT @reworld: DSIRE Launches New Solar Website #
  • RT @biggav: Australia to build world’s largest solar energy plant – Ed:Oz has tons of Sun! #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: Green Jobs Platform for Solar: SVTC creates Green Jobs Principles for a saf.. #
  • New post, Green Jobs Platform for Solar from the SVTC , Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition. Your PV Poll vote pls #
  • RT @avenatura: Incredible photovoltaic apt #

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