GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-06-13

  • PV-tech: TSMC targets solar and LED markets Ed:Watch out for Dr. Chang! #
  • RT @fooltoby: Why did Greentech pull this story on NextLight’s solar contract with $PCG? Ed: A conspriracy no doubt? #
  • EETimes: U.S. solar financing set to rebound Finance optimism from PV America, lower costs drives >10% IRRs. #
  • DIGITIMES: Taiwan solar cell maker Gintech expects continued losses in 2Q09 #
  • DIGITIMES: Solar cell maker Motech sees May revenues down over 20% on month shipment delays #
  • DIGITIMES: Spot quotes for a-Si PV modules fall to US$1.7/watt Spot mm/a-Si about US$2/watt #
  • PV-tech: Suntech to market pole-mounted systems with Petra Solar Ed:Angling for the PSE&G program? #
  • SPWRA: Making Progress on Driving Down BOS Costs by Mark Bachman Pacific Crest #
  • Just added freelance reporter and editor Jennifer Kho to the Blog Roll. @jennkho #
  • EETIMES: Semprius raises $6.4 million in Round B …complete development and begin field deployment of solar modules #
  • DIGITIMES Motech introduces color solar cells Ed:Blue never looked better! #
  • Messing around with Excerpt plugins for WordPress. Need images and don’t want to have to mess with post processing. #
  • @kenoatman Thanks for the recommendation! in reply to KenOatman #
  • RT @jeasolar: SolarMagic, Solar Magic – Part 2 Ed:Thanks for the tweet! #
  • @tassos_g Good luck! It is tough to cover parallel conferences let alone just one. #pvamerica2009 #pvsc34 in reply to tassos_g #
  • Missing the PV America conference in home town, Philly. Not many tweets. #pvamerica2009 I opted for Intersolar 2009 instead. #
  • RT @GreenSheet: SunPower Outsources Panel Production Ed: not leveraging the mfg tax credit in the Stimulus? #
  • PV-tech: Update: Qimonda’s Portuguese plant sparks interest Ed:100MW Qimonda Solar cell plant at Vila do Conde #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: SolarMagic, Solar Magic – Part 2: SolarMagic Outside Demo on the Freigeländ.. #
  • Reading The Year of Original Content: I’ve Declared War by Lorelle on WordPress Detect a theme? #
  • RSS Feed Scraping: Are CopyFeed, Digital Fingerprint , or AntiLeech WordPress Plugins a good idea and useful? #
  • Messing around with WordPress plugins. Added the Simple Feed Copyright plugin to add a Copyright notice to my Full feeds. Just works. #
  • Twitter Tools (great plugin!) posted two weekly digests of the same tweets to my Blog this week. I had thought it was twitterfeed issue. #
  • @jennkho Welcome to twitter! Keep us updated where to find your articles. #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-06-06:
    RT @GreenSheet: Sol.. #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-06-06:
    RT @GreenSheet: Sol.. #

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