Concentrix Solar installs UCSD test system

From Intersolar North America

5.75 kiloWatt (kW) Concentrator PhotoVoltaic (CPV) system with new, optimized CX-75 modules.
Part of Concentrix Solar’s US market entry strategy.

Although I tweeted about the development last week, the cooperation with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), was disclosed earlier by Concentrix Solar in a presentation at the 5th Germany California Solar Day.

Concentrix Solar introduces new module generation CX-75 in the USA” states the joint project was installed and put into operation on UCSD’s East Campus Energy Park. While UCSD’s East Campus has a 69 kV (kiloVolt) / 12 kV Substation, the exact location of the 5.75 kW test system is unclear from the Concentrix Solar supplied photo. Concentric Solar said:

The aim of the joint project is to test the new module generation under California climate conditions and thus to create a reference in the USA, especially for the American customers.

The CX-75 modules used in the installation have an average efficiency of 27.2% (percent) and have already been deployed in a Spanish commercial power plant. The UCSD system has 90 modules on a single tracker delivering 5.75 kW of Nominal AC Power.

Concentrix Solar CEO Hansjörg Lerchenmüller said:

Meanwhile we are also registering a large demand for our technology from the USA. Due to the large energy demand during the summer months, the high temperatures and the high irradiation, our CPV technology is ideally suited for the southwestern states in the USA. Thus, we will further expand our capacities and in the future will intensify our involvement in the U.S. market.

Concentrix Solar has not hit 30% module efficiencies yet, but prototypes have achieved 29% and average module production is at 27%. Each CX-75 module has 200 III-V multijunction (MJC) terrestrial solar cells producing 75 W (Watts) Direct Current (DC) at 850 W/m2 (Watts per meter squared) Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI).

In the Concentrator Photovoltaic – High Efficiency Utility Scale Power Plants session at Intersolar North America, CEO Lerchenmüller said:

So once we go to real industrial production, we will drive down cost tremendously, and we see that we can easily make 13 cents a kWh (Ed Note: kilowatt-hours) in two years from now.

From Intersolar North America

As an Analyst suggested to me, is CPV in a Deathmatch with CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) technologies? Or is peaceful coexistence possible? CPV has advantages in minimal water use, flexible land use, and scalable deployments.

Meanwhile, as Eric Wesoff of zero billion-dollar CPV market fame reports at Greentech Media, “Suntech’s Beebe: ‘There Will Be No Concentrating Photovoltaic Market at All’.

When I checked for Concentrix Solar on the California Energy Commission (CEC) List of Other Eligible Solar Electric Generating Technologies for the California Solar Initiative (CSI), I did not find Concentrix Solar modules but the:

Solaria Corporation CMT-190 190W Polycrystalline   PV Module

had been added. Please see “After early-2009 product certification, privately held Solaria Corp. is finally ramping up its 25 MW” by Garrett Herring for PHOTON International.


  1. Willie Edun says:

    So much promises from CPV manufacturers and the suppose reduction in manufacturing cost. Up to date none of them have been able to give a specific price kw to the public and where to get the product.


    Willie Edun

  2. palomarbob says:

    how may kwh in 2010?
    Concentrix Solar installs UCSD test system
    5.75 kiloWatt (kW) Concentrator PhotoVoltaic (CPV) system
    with new optimized CX-75 modules

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