GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-07-11

  • DIGITIMES: China quotes for metallurgical-grade silicon falls to US$1-2/kg Ed:this is the normal price range. #
  • RT @worldsolarnews: PV-tech: Photon cancels Shenzhen Photovoltaic Technology show due to poor numbers: Due to.. #
  • REUTERS: Politics may make future of solar energy “small” Ed:Big projects and new transmission lines at risk #
  • RT @votesolar: on the legality of feed-in tariffs in the US: #
  • RT @greentechmedia: GTMnews: Big Changes at SoloPower: One of SoloPower’s VCs steps in as CEO and a star .. #
  • CNPV Earns KEMCO Certification for 72cell Crystalline Solar Photovoltaic Modules Ed:170Wp to 260Wp, mc-Si & cz-Si #
  • DIGITIMES: Taiwan solar cell makers see capacity utilization rates rising from June Ed: German demand #
  • RT @mercnews: Massive power project is in doubt: The future of a massive power line project.. Ed:A trend #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: SolFocus scales CPV Series C to $77.6 Million: Ramping and Scaling Concentr.. #
  • DIGITIMES: China makers plan to raise spot quotes for solar wafers and cells Ed:Spot Poly-Si “up” to $60/kg #
  • @ooffoo Hetch Hetchy is the water system bringing the great H2O from Sierra Nevadas and Yosemite 100%=excellent in reply to ooffoo #
  • @ooffoo Check SVTC.ORG for 29 Superfund sites My tap is local well water mixed with 90% Hetch-Hetchy in reply to ooffoo #
  • RT @triplepundit: Is Tap Water Preferable To Bottled Water? (via @ooffoo) Ed:I don’t trust Silicon Valley tap H2O #
  • @SolarFred It could. Depends how long you have been Blogging in reply to SolarFred #
  • RT @Earth2Tech: Threat to Solar Market: Government Budget Woes Ed: CSI is ratepayer funded, EPBB & PBI #
  • RT @votesolar: ab 560 passed CA senate EU&C committee 9-1, on to approps next, then floor. amended to 5%, pg&e and SCE now support (huge) #
  • RT @SVTC: Solar company is becoming one of MA top producers of hazardous waste – Green isn’t always clean Ed:ESLR #
  • RT @WaltersAdvisory: Milan fair to put world biggest solar plant on roof Ed:Rooftop PV with Italian flair? #
  • Haywood Dorland Energy Capital, LLC, Invests in SolFocus, Inc. Ed:indirect equity investment? Burn rate? #
  • RT @GreenSheet: A Convoluted Plan To Increase The Gas Tax Ed:Maybe CA will do it to fix the deficit? #
  • RT @ZekeJean: Solar Companies Merge Tech in Bid for Utility-Scale Production: Concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) .. #
  • The Desert Sun: Palm Desert energy loans for solar sell out in 20 minutes Ed: $1.25M #
  • RT @savitz: Tech Trader Daily: Solar Stocks: Barclays Warns Q2 Results Could Disappoint #
  • DIGITIMES: Motech China subsidiary sees solar cell capacity booked up Ed:50kWp production in 2009 #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: Close to the SolarEdge:
    Holistic approach improves Photovoltaic (PV) syste.. #
  • @Krewell What did you two sign up for? in reply to Krewell #
  • RT @TheLocalGermany: Unlucky Hamburgers suffer water outage Ed:I hope Hamburg is back to normal for EU PVSEC #
  • Pasadena Star-News: Our View: Cities hurting solar switch Ed:CA home permit fees range from $0 to 1572, LA $1144 #
  • RT @TheLocalGermany: Nuke incident shuts off Hamburg traffic lights Ed:Kruemmel power station transformer issue #
  • RT @GreenSheet: Seven Ways To Solve The Energy Problem Ed:Sensible article (except nukes are not renewable) #
  • @PhillyGoesSolar TweetDeck is rock solid on my 16GB 3G w/3.0 OS Best twitter app on a mobile for me. And free. in reply to PhillyGoesSolar #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-07-04:
    @GetSolar The thiev.. #

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