GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-07-18

  • Pacific Crest: SPWRA: Keep to the Sidelines Going into Q2 Earnings Report by Mark Bachman #
  • RT @GreenEnergyBrf: World’s First Hydrogen Power Plant – Ed:H2O Electrolysis in NM? #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: Intersolar North America: [San Francisco, California USA]
    Observing the obv.. #
  • RT @Earth2Tech: Intersolar: 1366 Technologies Scores Its First Order #
  • RT @SEMI_PV_Guy: Industry News: Veeco Instruments acquires assets of DayStar Technologies- Ed:interesting… #
  • RT @deeppatel: thanks to all the tweeps that made the first ever #intersolar tweetup a success! #
  • DIGITIMES: Spot quotes for poly-Si rise to US$72-73/kg #
  • Hob nobbing at the Solar Cellabration #intersolar #
  • Concentrix Solar has deployed their first system at UCSD, San Diego CA #intersolar #
  • Bob Cart GreenVolts acknowledged CPV as $0 Billion market (Wesoff) #intersolar #
  • DIGITIMES: Taiwan-based Green Energy Technology to invest in PV power plant in Spain Ed:driving project demand #
  • RT @TheLocalGermany: Robert Redford marries German painter in Hamburg #
  • @National_Semi What did the SolarMagic upgrade cost? 6 strings, 10 modules per string 60*199 + 10*49(blocking diode?) = $12430?(!) in reply to National_Semi #
  • RT @altenergywebpar: GreentechMedia: “There Will Be No Concentrating Photovoltaic Market #
  • Travis Bradford said: “While California is considering a feed-in tariff, Germany is moving to a “California based model.” Ed: BS!!!!! #
  • GTM: Travis Speaks on the State of the Solar Industry #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: VLSI Research ranks Top 10 PV Manufacturing Equipment Suppliers for 2008: A.. #
  • New PV Poll: Is Upgraded Metallurgical (UMG) Silicon dead? Part 2 of the PV unholy trinity poll series #
  • RT @cleantechnica: New Study Lifts the Curtain on Clean Coal: A new study from West Virginia University exposes.. #
  • RT @Solarserver: EPFL and BrightView Systems collaborate for solar cell production optimization: #
  • RT @TheLocalGermany: Germany’s new hatred Ed:Concerns over a Muslim woman murdered in a Dresden courtroom #
  • @dmsolar Thanks for the tweet! in reply to dmsolar #
  • RT @SolarFred: #FF @standardsolar, @edgunther, @TheSolarCo, @SolarSupply, @SolsticePR @UrbanRe, @sunchariotsolar, @altgreentech Ed:Thanks! #
  • GUNTHER Portfolio: GUNTHER Portfolio twitter Weekly Updates – 2009-07-11:
    DIGITIMES: China qu.. #

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