24th EU PVSEC: Photovoltaic Technical Highlights

[Hamburg, Germany]

It isn’t an EU PVSEC Closing Session without Dr. Heinz Ossenbrink, Technical Programme Chairman, presenting his Conference Technical Highlights.

Dr. Ossenbrink’s presentation is captured as a Picasa slideshow above with the text via manual entry below for those using online search.

(Some) Highlights of the 24th European Photovoltaic Conference and Exhibition

Hamburg, Germany
21-25 September 2009

Dr. Heinz Ossenbrink
Technical Programme Chairman
European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre
Ispra, Italy

Advanced Photovoltaics
· New Triple Junction Concentrator cell record 41.1% @ 450x.
(Fraunhofer ISE, DE) Spectrolab 41.6% (Last Conference: 40.8%)
· Tandem Cells Using Quantum Dots All QD-Devices
Mostly SiO2 but also Si3N4. SiC (Green/ UNSW, AU)
· Strain-balanced Quantum-Well cells InGaAs, but also Si with 28%
(Imperial College, QuantoSol UK)

Advanced Photovoltaics (2)
· 34.1%, 4 –sub-cells with spectrum splitting (Fraunhofer ISE, DE)
· Optimising cells for site-specific spectra can increase energy yield by 10% (Concentrix, DE)
· 20% AC energy efficiency with Flatcon Modules (Concentrix, DE)
· MW installations (ISFOC, ES)

Advanced Photovoltaics (3)
· Organic Cells TPT Based Polymers (Thiophene-Phenylene), eta around 6%
(Uni Cung-Yuan, TW)
· Commercialisation & start-ups for DSSC (Konarka, US, 3GSolar, IL,
Dyesol, AU)
· 7%, 7-yr life targeted by 2011 (3GSolar, AU)
· Still test standards urgently needed.
organic cell tandems in particular

Wafer-Based Silicon Solar Cells and Materials
· Selective Emitter in mass production, 17.2%
avg. in production, module 16.5% (Suntech, CN)
· 96% waste water recovery (SAITA, IT)
· Continued Improvements of Materials, processing, costs, efficiency
· Honeycomb textured mc-Si cells, nanoimprint lithography (FhG-ISE, DE)
· Rear-contact amorphous/crystalline (HHZ, DE)
· Upgraded-MG Solar Cells 16% (CaliSolar, US)

Thin Films
· 15.7% on 30×30 CIS module. Plans for expansion up to 1GW (Showa Shell, JP)
· 12.3% CIGS in Production, 0.75m2 (Solibro, DE)
· Electron-beam deposited CSG minimodule with 7.8% (CSG, AU-DE)
· Very large (5.7 m2) a-Si/u-Si 8.24% efficient (Sontor, DE), or 8.75% (Sunfilm, DE)

Thin Films (2)
· Single Junction a-Si Records, 10.09% and 10.06% depending on 2 different types of ZnO-LPCVD, 1 cm3 (Oerlikon, CH)
· … or 9% by fast PECVD (UNSW, AU)
· Tandem a-Si/u-Si up to 12% (Sanyo, JP)
· Epitaxi TF concepts for up to 16.8% (IMEC, BE)

Components for PV Systems
· Solutions for smart PV energy management are coming, smart Energy Management, better integration of PV (INES et al , FR)
· European Standard EN 50530 for Inverters !!
· Finally a good comparison of outdoor performance of thin-film vs crystalline technologies for different European Sites (DG JRC, EU)

The lab comes to you: (Uni Winterthur, CH)

Components for PV Systems (2)
· CrystalClear: Novel module design for 16% (EU)
· Li-Ion Batteries Arrive! Higher h than PB
– (Conergy, DE)
· Performance of LEDs for Small Lanterns
– (ISE Freiburg, DE)
· The large European “performance” Project
Results maybe next year?

PV Systems
· Ever increasing number of LED-PV combinations, many application fields, including developing countries but also street lighting
· Li-Ion technology ready to surpass Lead-Acid? (Hokkaido Electric, JP)
· Practical results in Guadeloupe (SAFT, FR)
· Quality assurance for rural electrification addressed by some presentations
· We have good guidelines for PV System Performance Monitoring, Project Performance (many, EU)

PV Deployment
· The EU directive: shining or casting shadows on PV?
· 2.5% – 4% – 6% or 12% by 2020?
· 9 months to go to get PV into the Nationals Renewable Energy Action Plans!

A lot depends on DE, IT, ES and FR.

· Italy: total today 650 MW, end of the year 750MW
· France: strong growth expected with the new FiT

PV Deployment
Next years conference will be a different PV world…:

? End of Finance Crisis
? New Governments in Germany
? US
? COP15 Copenhagen
? Feed-in Tariffs…

Well, I was back to the future again to the 21st EU PVSEC in Dresden since I had to type in the Technical Highlights. I was informed the presentation would be posted to the EU PVSEC website last Friday, yet nothing has appeared thus far, and I could not obtain a date commitment.

I have learned the hard way to take photos of slides as they are presented because there is never a guarantee the source material will be provided later.


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