24th EU PVSEC: Closing Session Videos

Photovoltaic Technical Highlights and Industry Summary on SET for 2020.

When I posted the 24th EU PVSEC: Photovoltaic Technical Highlights, I planned to include a YouTube video of Dr. Heinz Ossenbrink’s presentation. However, YouTube enforced their rigid 10 minute length policy even though the file size was well below 2GB (GigaBytes). So in two parts courtesy of iMovie ‘09, the videos below capture Dr. Ossenbrink’s presentation in his own words.

Once I had a perch established at stage right for effective recording, I also videoed the next speaker, Dr. Winfried Hoffman in his role as EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) President, present the Industry Summary of activities at the 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition.

Dr. Hoffmann focused on the 6th European PV Industry Forum and the SET For 2020 study conducted with AT Kearney. Subtitled “Solar Photovoltaic Electricity: A mainstream power source in Europe by 2020”, three scenarios for PV (Photovoltaic) deployment are considered with PV satisfying 4%, 6%, and 12% in the Paradigm Shift Scenario of European Union (EU) Electricity demand by 2020.

With about 10 GW (GigaWatt) of PV installed in the EU as of 2008, these scenarios target between 130 GW and 390 GW of cumulative installations in the EU by 2020. Even the 12% PV by 2020 Paradigm Shift Scenario =only= requires a 34% annual growth rate compared to a PV Industry average 45% annual growth rate over the past decade. Dr. Hoffmann noted Feed-in Tariffs should not be viewed as a burden but an investment for society since high growth drives the highest net present value from PV per the SET for 2020 study. He also highlighted the critical role of national PV associations over the next year to influence national actions plans implementing the EU 20/20/20 targets and support policies to drive PV and renewable energy adoption by 2020.

Select SET for 2020 Graphs and an Executive Summary are available for free download.

You don’t have to know German to realize the FUTURE IS SOLAR (Photovoltaics)!

From 24th EU PVSEC

My choice for best promotion at the 24th EU PVSEC was the SiG Solar banner ZUKUNFT IST SOLAR located at Hamburg’s central train station. Perhaps it should have been at the airport or along the Autobahn to educate the unconverted?


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