SoloPower SoloPanel at Solar Power International 09

[Anaheim, California USA]

SoloPanel SFX1 – Series flexible photovoltaic module

From SoloPower flexible SoloPanel SFX1 – Series at SPI 09

I wasn’t the first with SoloPower module photos (PHOTOS: What’s Hot At Solar Power International 2009 by Katie Fehrenbacher at Earth2Tech), but my approach tends to be thorough.

Following a Solyndra strategy (who had their first exhibition stand), SoloPower had one of their flexible module samples seeded in the 3M stand at Solar Power International 09 (SPI 09) along with a datasheet and the occasional SoloPower representative. “SoloPower Displays CIGS PV Module Prototype in 3M Booth #377 at Solar Power International Conference” set the stage for media, competitors, and customers to seek out and examine the sample. Whether deliberate or rushed, the datasheet is not yet on the SoloPower website. Below is a photo bootleg of the backside technical data. I also found an errant online copy of the SoloPanel Series 1 glass module datasheet.

From SoloPower flexible SoloPanel SFX1 – Series at SPI 09

I’ve been absorbing as much of SPI 09 as possible in two days and decided to go to Disneyland Tuesday night instead of posting. Meantime, I suggest checking out the relaunched Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) website. “SEPA Boosts Solar Electric Power Build-out with New Resources” points out the how to guide, “Thinking Solar? Gather Your Tools Here: A guide to maximizing SEPA’s new website.” The Solar Data & Mapping Tool looks cool for locating existing and planned solar projects. And cheers to SEPA for selecting the proper default: the Top 20 PV Projects! Registering for a guest account will provide access to additional resources.

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