Virtual Solar Power International 09

[Anaheim, California USA]

Select photos from the SPI 09 Conference and Expo.

The first Picasa slideshow is from the Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Expo slideshow has photos from the random wanderings of a Photovoltaic Blogger. Please see the captions for the context.

On the lighter side, here is a list from the Tax Equity Financing session by Terry Friddle (Pathfinder Capital Advisors LLC):

Top Ten Solar Movies
(Investor Cuts)

10. They’re Just Not That Into You
9. There’s Something About the Model
8. Quantum of Solar
7. Meet the Analysts
6. Deal Interrupted
5. The Solarist
4. Cheaper by the Dozen
3. My Big Fat Legal Fees
2. Saving Private Equity
1. Yield of Dreams

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