German Photovoltaic installs topped 2.34 GW through November

Almost 497.8 MWp (MegaWatt-peak) of PV (PhotoVoltaic) was installed in November 2009.

Last Thursday, the Bundesnetzagentur (German Federal Network Agency) released EEG related PV system registration data for November 2009. Agency policy is to release the PV installation data two months after the month of registration.

As shown in the above chart, German 2009 PV installations continued the upward trend with 326.9 MW in September, 377.8 MW in October, and 496.8 MW in November, a 31% increase over the prior month. Registrations also increased 19% from 18593 in October to 22166 in November. From January through November 2009, Germany installed 2.345 GigaWatts (GW) of PV!

What will the December registrations bring to the final German 2009 PV installation tally? While a sub 3 GW number seems realistic, was there a huge November work in progress pipeline and how did the arrival of winter and the holidays impact the second half of December? Mark Osborne at got me watching the German weather daily and on December 17, 2009, I tweeted:

RT @TheLocalGermany: Snow and ice freeze traffic : .. accidents and road closures around Germany .. #PV installs end?

Does comparing the registration data from October and November reveal any trends? Although the German PV market sweet spot remained 10 kW (kiloWatt) to 100 kW sized systems as shown in the table, PV systems greater than 1 MW more than doubled in system capacity versus a registration increase of just over 35% from 17 to 23. The results were skewed by the registration of the 50.99 MW system in Straßkirchen, Bayern (Bavaria), built by a joint venture between MEMC Electronic Materials and Q-Cells International and ranked the second largest PV power plant in the world by as of today.

PV System Capacity October 2009
Registrations (MW)
November 2009
Registrations (MW)
> 1 MW 17 (38.70 MW) 23 (85.61 MW)
500 kW < and <= 1 MW 18 (13.36 MW) 22 (16.72 MW)
100 kW < and <= 500 kW 224 (38.39 MW) 283 (49.23 MW)
10 kW < and <= 100 kW 9547 (231.4 MW) 11372 (278.6 MW)
<= 10 kW 8787 (55.94 MW) 10466 (66.64 MW)
Total 18593 (377.8 MW) 22166 (496.8 MW)

At the other end of the spectrum, the smallest installation was 140 Watt-peak, yes Watts, maybe a single module, located in Aachen, Germany, albeit at a different postal code than
PHOTON Europe. Even with the Straßkirchen PV plant, PV systems sized 100 kW and smaller accounted for almost 70% of German installations in November.

The German Solar Industry Association (Bundesverbandes Solarwirtschaft, BSW) has launched the Solar made in Germany website to organize opposition to proposed FiT (Feed-in Tariff) cuts and encourage PV supporters to sign a “Solar made in Germany” petition (UNTERSTÜTZEN, Germany only). Perhaps I should invoke my dual citizenship and sign up using the town of my last Abmeldung?

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