25th EU PVSEC and WCPEC-5 Photovoltaic Technical Highlights

[Valencia, Spain]

As has become a Blog tradition, here are the Conference Technical Highlights compiled and presented by the EU PVSEC Technical Programme Chairman Dr. Heinz Ossenbrink.

From 25th EU PVSEC

Dr. Ossenbrink’s presentation is captured as a Picasa slideshow and via manual text entry below in order to facilitate online search.

(Some) Highlights of the
25th European Photovoltaic Conference and Exhibition
5th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion

Valencia, Spain, 6-10 September 2010
Dr. Heinz Ossenbrink
Technical Programme Chairman
European Commission

Last Year . . . I didn’t finish..

Next year’s conference will be a different PV world…:

End of Financial Crisis ?
New Government in Germany ?
US ?
COP15 Copenhagen ?
Feed-in Tariffs… ?

PV Taking Off

Markets & Policies
– US: 134 GW cumulative by 2030 (DoE) (+20 GW each year)
– Japan: 28 GW by 2020 (NEDO)
– India: 22 GW by 2022 (MNRE)
– China: 20 GW by 2020 (unconfirmed)
– EU 27: 85 GW by 2020 (~3%) …and still counting
• Life after Feed-in Tariffs? (SunPower, US,BE,ES)
• Globally calculated Grid-Parity by when? (Q-Cells, et. al)

Advanced Photovoltaics
• Light Trapping in Plasmonic Thin Film Solar Cells (AFOM, NL)
• 10.9% efficiency for nanowire III-V cells (GE Research/Lockheed,USA)
• Plasmon Enhanced Up conversion boosts DSSC to 10% (EPFL, CH)
• High efficient Polymer Cells, 5.6%, suitable for offset printing? (Uni Taipei, TW)

Advanced Photovoltaics (2)
• Ultra-thin (25 nm) GaAs, nanoparticles, potential 17% (CNRS, FR)
• Fullerene Polymer 7.1% / 1cm2 (NRC, CA / Konarka US)
• Hypervelocity Damages in Space Arrays (FhG EMI, DE) ..fortunately only 0.017% of cells affected in GEO, but PV arrays are Nr.1 in Spacecraft failures

Wafer based Silicon & Materials
• Silicon feedstock for the next 10 years (FhG-ISE, DE)
– Upgraded mg-Silicon, low-cost, 16%, alternative to Siemens process
• Si feedstock growth from 50’000t to >400’000t by 2020? Need to reduce from 7 to 4 g/Wp (PV-Crystalox, DE)
• Record Modules from Metal-wrap-through cells, 17.1% (ECN, NL)

Wafer based Silicon & Materials (2)
• Commercial modules >22% (Sunpower, US)
• 17.2% Selective emitter, screen printed silicon ink, goal 500 MW by end of 2010, 1000 MW end of 2011 (Innovalight, US/CN)
• In-line selection of as-cut mc-wafer, boosts production cell efficiency (BT, AU / Del Solar, TW)

Thin Film Solar Cells
• High-eta µ-morph module close to 11%, cell 11.9%, new “ThinFab” production line (Oerlikon, CH)
– Also improved traceable measurement techniques for tandem module measurements
• Best Overview on advances on µc/aSi Thin Films (Juelich, DE)

Thin Film Solar Cells (2)
• 3-D nanostructures TF Silicon (Prague, CZ + Oerlikon, CH)
• ZnO nanocolumns, 12% modelled
• High efficiency CIGS, 17.7% on flexible ceramics (AIS, JP)
• Becquerel Prize for Hans Werner Schock, CIGS reaching 20%
“CIGS adapts to the conditions …?”

Components of PV Systems
Packed Auditorium + Corridor:
• PV Reliability Cluster, many good data for all thin film technologies (TÜV, DE)
• Where is my power? A very detailed loss analysis (AIST, JP)
• Recycling is taking off: PV CYCLE makes 100 collection points (EU)
• New battery model for Li-Accumulators helps to introduce this new technology (RWTH, DE)

PV Systems
Many new studies on grid integration of large PV deployments + IEA workshop
– Predicting 24 hour PV power for regional grid integration (uni Oldenburg, DE; UPM, ES, …)
– Using 10% of Hydrolakes to use existing peak power infrastructure and save water (TNC, CH)
• 1st stand-alone CPV in Egypt, 100 kW, for Water Pumping (FhG ISE+Concentrix, DE / Uni Alexandria, EG)

PV Taking OFF
• Scenarios beyond 2020 converge:

(Data in GWp for 2020, 2030, 2050)
• IEA 250, 900, 3000 (globally, ~11-25%)
• EREC 150, 400, 1000 (EU 27+, 25%)
• EPIA 180..460 by 2020 (EU27, 5%..12%)

PV Architecture
Louis Kahn, modified:
• “Ask a brick PV Module: what do you want to become? and it says: architecture”

When I first blogged about the Technical Highlights at the 21st EU PVSEC in Dresden, I did not for one second consider I might be doing the same four conferences later. Today, I might not have done so out of content concerns. My goal remains global information sharing of the latest photovoltaic advances.

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  1. Edgar A. Gunther says:

    The official Highlights of the 25th EU PVSEC / WCPEC-5 presentation by Heinz Ossenbrink, Technical Programme Chairman, DG JRC, Ispra, Italy, is available for download at: http://bit.ly/dhjm2P

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