German 2010 Photovoltaic installs surpass 4.88 GigaWatts through August

June 2010 Photovoltaic (PV) installs set a new monthly 2.13 GigaWatt-peak (GWp) record while July and August settled down to 669 MegaWatt-peak (MWp) and 361 MWp respectively.

The same kind reader alerted me to the June 2010 PV system registration data before I could check the Bundesnetzagentur (German Federal Network Agency) website Thursday morning. As a bonus, I also discovered the July and August 2010 PV system registration data had been released.

German2010PVregistrations.009 Well, as shown in the bar chart, the actual 2.13 GW results edged my comment predicting 2 GW of June 2010 PV installations. German June 2010 PV installs almost caught Spain for the entire 2008 year and may be more PV than the United States installs next year in 2011!

In the second quarter 2010 (2Q10), Germany installed a monster 3.14 GW of PV! PV system registrations rose from 24003 in May to 65416 in June and returned to 20820 in July 2010.

The capacity mix skewed towards PV systems sized greater than 500 kW (kiloWatt) and less than or equal to 1 MW as PV systems sized greater than 1 MW and those greater than 100 kW and less than or equal to 500 kW both trended higher over the April to August period. The largest PV system installed was 18.737 MWp in Thüngen, Bayern, in August 2010, while the smallest was 1 Watt-peak (maybe a typo?!) in Thyrnau, Bayern.

EuPD Research published a SPEEDLETTER titled the “Federal Network Agency publishes new figures for newly installed capacity – a degression of 13 percent is more than likely” and:

Based on a degression of 13 percent, the following remuneration rates are calculated for the year 2011:

  • Open-space installations on conversion areas: 0.220€
  • Other open-space installations: 0.210€
  • Rooftop installations ≤ 30 kWp: 0.286€
  • Rooftop installations > 30kW ≤ 100 kWp: 0.272€
  • Rooftop installations < 100 kWp ≤ 1,000 kWp: 0.257€
  • Rooftop installations > 1,000 kWp: 0.227€

I expect September and fourth quarter 2010 PV installations will increase in anticipation of October 2010 and calendar 2011 degressions.

I am amazed Schwarzenbach am Wald installed 216 kiloWatt (kW) of PV across 10 installations ranging from 1.22 kW to 54 kW so far in 2010.


  1. Dear Sir,

    What is the German Government / Local Distribution Company pay per kwh ?

    Peter B. Setiawan

  2. @Peter

    Your questions seems a little bit ambiguous, but I interpret it as:

    “What is the feed-in price for solar electricity that the local net manager (hence: not – necessarily – the utility where electricity contract has been signed, the government does not pay for feed-in) has to pay as fixed by Law (EEG) in Germany”???

    The answer is: that depends on the capacity installed and/or the type of installation. And, of course, the period in which the installation has been formally “technically connected to the grid”.

    Here your can find the new data for the installations correctly reported to Bundesnetzagentur between July 1 and Sep. 30. As of Oct. 1, an extra degression of 3% (related to the former tariffs) for all installations will apply, and per Jan. 1, 2011, in addition 13% degression for new installations has become reality (based upon the enormous new capacity realized as of June 2010).

  3. September volume has just been published by Bundesnetzagentur: 493 MWp new capacity, pushing the counter for this year only (new installations) already up to a level of 5,4 GWp. With probably many large installations applying for the pre-July 1 Novelle feed-in tariffs to be expected in the last quarter (if they had a building permit in time, they can connect to the grid as late as December 31, 2010). Over 21.000 new installations have been added in September (average capacity 23 kWp per installation…).

    5,4 GWp of new PV-installations will easily put almost 5 Terawatthours EXTRA solar electricity on the grid in Germany, next year. That, again, compares to the year production of a medium-sized nuclear power plant (actually added in 9 months time…). It will have a serious impact on the EEG Umlage to be paid by almost all electricity users in Germany. Photon had some very good, critical, but excellent analyses with respect to the rising costs for rate payers (editorial by Anne Kreutzmann, and an excellent piece of work by Philippe Welter, main editor of the German magazine, October 2010 issue). The ominous word “capping” is singing around in world market Germany, and that is bad news. Only strong extra degression steps will put off the pressure on the already overheated German politicians. If that does not materialize, harsh measures like (desastrous) caps might be the result.

    Since I was on a long holiday, I missed the previous Bundesnetzagentur updates, but this week I have assembled them in a series of very detailed graphs showing the enormous growth in Germany this year. If I have time, the September results will be incorporated soon in those graphs:

    (note: all texts in English)

  4. Complete update of January 2009 – September 2010 Bundesnetzagentur PV statistiscs on German market presently available on Polder PV in a complete revision and expansion of the data base:

    Note that new graphs have been added to the existing ones, including the day-to-day and (average) week-to-week development of registrations of PV installations at the Bundesnetzagentur office. I circumvented the “weekend hiatus” in the data by averaging the week totals to a daily basis in that week.

    As already mentioned: September added 493 MWp/21.273 new installations.
    Note also that Bundesnetzagentur REVISED all the month data between October 2009 up till August 2010. Changes are not big, but must be included in thorough analysis. I included two graphs to show the impact on a monthly basis.

    With above-mentioned inclusions, I came up to 5,37 GWp/194.452 new installations from January up till September 2010 (revised data included). With September included, the 15 GWp barrier has been broken for German’s accumulation of grid-connected PV-capacity (taking Photon net manager data from previous year as starting point). On basis of the revisions of October up till December 2009, that year should have accumulated 3.802 MWp according to BNA (originally, that was 3.806 MWp; Photon, however, published a “hochgerechnete” 3.867 MWp for that year, September issue of the German magazine).

    Of course, much more to be expected, in particular, I think, in December 2010. A record year it is already. By far.

  5. That’s good to here. And we hope the photovoltaic installs next year, to be even more than this. This is good not only for the economy but for the enviroment as well

  6. October 2010 results have been published by Bundesnetzagentur (spreadsheet date stamped December 23, 2010).

    “Alas” it has only been 12.502 new installations for that month, with a “meagre” 340,5 MWp of new photovoltaic capacity reported to the Agency. Considerably less than the September 2010 493 MWp mini-rush prior to the EEG 2010 Novelle dictated 3% extra degression as per October 1, 2010 (for new installations only).

    Accumulated capacity for 2010 reported to/by Bundesnetzagentur now has become 5,7 GWp (Jan. up till Oct.), with only two months to go. Analyst predictions for the whole year range from “only” 6,9 GWp (Sarasin) to … 9,5 GWp (prognosis by the 4 Übertragungsnetzbetreiber published in Oct. 2010). If the “higher” prognoses will turn out to be right, especially for December incredible volume should have been reported to BNA. It will be exciting to see if the June record (2,1 GWp) will be broken. Many large installations might have been reported very late in the year.

    Note: Bundesnetzagentur data are preliminary and can change, although 2009 data appeared to be very well in line with the analysis of all available net manager data by Photon (published in the German magazine, September 2010). Photon calculated 3.867 MWp total new capacity. Adjusted reports by Bundesnetzagentur resulted in 3.802 MWp for 2009. A difference of only 1,7%.

  7. Branche organisation BSW predicts 230.000 new PV-installations for 2010 in Germany, and a total new capacity of 7-8 GWp.

    Don’t be surprised if it will turn out to become much more. Still 2 months to go for the Bundesnetzagentur reports for that year, and they give only preliminary results.

  8. November 2010 update Bundesnetzagentur has been published. 12.459 new installations, 359,9 MWp new capacity. Far below November 2009 numbers (revised by BNA: 22.355 new installations, 503,5 MWp).

    Complete graphic update including day-to-day registration tracker and lots of details on:

    (English web page)

  9. December 2010 update published by Bundesnetzagentur (Germany) first day of Spring.

    Although we must account for the fact that December 2010 has been extremely cold, snow- and ice rich (in the whole of western Europe, even the “moderate” Netherlands got its chilly and snowy bit of the winter), and thus, lousy, forbidding installation weather, it may come to a surprise that “only” 1,17 GWp and/or 23.862 new PV-installations were added in the BNA statistics for that cold month.

    With the last month included, Germany would “only” have added 7,25 GWp in 2010 and/or almost a quarter of a million new installations (or better: “registrations” reported to BNA). Far below some predictions that 8 or even more GWp would be added. No champagne for the girls and guys at Photon’s main office who, for the first time in a long period, overestimated their own (still strong) market… 😉

    But who knows, maybe the BNA people made some mistakes. Their “final” report will only be available in March 2012, so we’ll see.

    Also “final” report for 2009 has been published by BNA, so much to do with stat updates here (I am also busy with the Flemish and UK stats).

    First (Dutch) summary with graph of total accumulations in Germany (over 17 GWp end of 2010) here:

    I will try to do my best updating my English page on the German 2010 stats a.s.a.p. No promises.

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