Chinese Billboard sparks CIGS Photovoltaic Speculation

CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) intentions or real project?

RMRphoto0129 A new source sent me the inset photo of a billboard at a large vacant plot of land supposedly located in Taizhou, Jiangsu, China. Reading the billboard, a native English speaker is drawn to the alphanumeric strings: “200”, “CIGS”, “1000M”, “2011”, “5”, and “Martin Roscheisen”.

I asked a friend to help translate the billboard. Here is their rough translation with parenthetical comments:

Tai Zhou green tech science park (looks like it is in Jiangsu Province)
200 MegaWatt CIGS thin film solar power battery something (unreadable)
$500M USD project   annual production: something (unreadable)
Initial production in 5 years, to 1000 something
Initial investment of $100M USD
Project started 2011 May
Initial or lead investor (not sure if this is real):  US Stanford University Martin R.
Will become the biggest in production capacity in China of CIGS something (in China, they all brag about being the biggest…)

Searching the City of Taizhou website, I found a number of CIGS references but none regarding former Nanosolar CEO R. Martin Roscheisen. According to the earliest city news release (中文, Google English), the project groundbreaking was held on February 12, 2011. The relevant portion of the Google automated and flawed English translation said:

The largest industrial investment project
Show the third-generation thin film solar cells solar energy technology
CIGS thin film solar cell project, is currently the lowest cost photovoltaic technology, and most likely not help to achieve price parity. By 3 to 5 years of efforts, Hailing expected to create a thin-film solar cell industry, brand, new energy industry chain will also be more complete.

Taizhou superior to projects located in Science Park, New Energy and Industrial Park, Taizhou, the project by the European Baker Energy, Northern Light Venture Capital, U.S. Chunquan capital investment and other agencies. 5 years into the project planning 1,000 MW of CIGS thin film solar production base, 1,000 acres of land, with a total investment of 500 million U.S. dollars. The project is currently the largest production capacity, the lowest overall cost of CIGS raw materials and components of full capacity production projects, technology used by the U.S. introduction of proven technology, project investors will invest two-way PV inverters, thin-film energy storage battery project.

A 200 MW thin-film solar energy projects, land 110 acres, a total investment of U.S. $ 100 million put into operation in early 2012, the annual production value of $ 300 million. All production capacity by the project investors and partners in Europe underwriting, market, including China, Europe and the United States.

“Today is a good day, I am pleased to Taizhou, this red-letter day.” Groundbreaking ceremony, with investment representatives 巴里佛莱德曼 not the standard Chinese made a warm speech. He said, CIGS thin-film solar energy known as third generation solar technology, is the lowest cost photovoltaic technology, and most likely to achieve grid parity without subsidies, tariff, which countries in the world of all ages.

Hailing Vice Chairman of the New Energy and Industrial Park, the Party Working Committee, Jiulong Town Party Secretary Yu Jun said that this project without rewriting the domestic history of the third generation of solar technology through the efforts of three to five years, Hailing expected thin-film solar cell industry to create the first brand new energy industry chain will also be more complete.

The Northern Light Venture Capital website does not list a CIGS portfolio company although one investment, Advanced Solar Power, is a “Developer of advanced CdTe based thin film technology for PV solar applications”. A subsequent news release (中文, Google English) mentions the visit of Solar Technology Transfer B.V. founder Dr. Zhang Shaoxian who (in Google English):

presented in print-style low-cost copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cell production as the representative of six world’s top solar project’s basic situation, and expressed a joint venture in China to realize industrialization of cooperation.

The Solar Technology Transfer website mentions distinguished partners including ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands), IMEC, and ISET (International Solar Electric Technology) and on CIGS technology states:

We initiate and coordinate a joint collaboration on non-vacuum CIGS solar cell technology from R & D, turn key equipment, to volume production with partners from Europe, the USA and Asia.

I’ve sent inquiries to the investor and technology provider identified. Mr. Roscheisen has not responded to my questions about the billboard.


Even with verbosity on, I did not quite write a thousand words about the billboard photo.


  1. Kevin says:

    I did a quick research and found some interesting stuffs.
    In the official press release of Taizhou government, there’s one article about the opening ceremony of this CIGS factory. During this event, VP of Net Power Technology was one of invited guests.

    Now when I search Net Power Technology, I found a Chinese news article says that Dr. Martin Roscheisen became the CEO of Net Power Technology at March, 2011, focusing on R&D and financing.

    Unfortunately I can’t connect to Net Power Tech.’s official website to find a firm answer that Net Power Technology is behind all this, but I think it’s highly possible.

  2. lihong Yang says:

    it is stange, i do not know if have posted the comment successfully or not! try one more time!
    i know their chinese CEO, and i have talked with him several times recently! but i am afraid i can not you their progress.
    if you want to contact with him, please send me message, i can forward to him!

  3. admin says:

    Solar Technology Transfer B.V. told me the visit of Dr. Zhang Shaoxian was unrelated to the CIGS project on the billboard.

  4. jwing says:

    Ja Solar’s website mentions they are working to develop 3rd generation technology, maybe this is them?

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