Top 10 GUNTHER Portfolio Photovoltaic Posts of 2011

Most read as ranked by Google Analytics page views.

The State of the Blog is strong as twitter Followers more than doubled to 2910 through organic growth although Blog RSS and email subscribers were flat per FeedBurner.


Here are the Top 10 GUNTHER Portfolio photovoltaic (PV) posts from 2011 as ranked by Google Analytics page views and presented in Late Show with David Letterman Top 10 List reverse countdown order.

10. Navigant Consulting’s Photovoltaic Demand 2011 and Beyond Paula Mints’ forecast of PV market shipments early in the year.

9. Photovoltaics: 8 Trends to Watch in 2011 will be reviewed in my 2012 update, I hope in January.

8. Is the Future of Solyndra Flat? – My speculations on how Solyndra might adapt to survive before the bankruptcy.

7. Securing Silicon Metal for Solar – Major polysilicon and solar grade silicon producers took steps to secure supply and control costs of the vital raw material.

6. SMA Solar Technology reimagines the Microinverter – SMA prelaunched a new approach to microinverters but is conflicted on the product strategy in relation to central inverters.

5. BrightSource Energy’s IPO Filing and the Ivanpah Solar Project Temporary Suspension – brought attention to the Ivanpah temporary suspension over desert tortoises and looked at the IPO fine print.

4. Photovoltaic Conference and Exhibition Preview 2011 The annual post is still popular with folks looking for concise, independent conference and tradeshow guidance.

3. Calisolar emphasizes Solar Silicon at Jefferies Clean Technology Conference – One CEO and a few layoffs ago, Calisolar revealed their plans to expand solar grade silicon production before the recent sharp declines in polysilicon pricing.

2. Applied Materials: Back Contact Photovoltaic Revolution – New silicon solar cell and module technologies promise to increase efficiency and lower manufacturing costs.

1. Photovoltaic Polysilicon Conundrum – tries to reconcile if high quality polysilicon supply can be tight when the commodity is in oversupply.

Polysilicon oversupply and pricing were the obsessive topics of interest in 2011. The 2009 archive post, Solar Polysilicon Oversupply until 2013?, was the most viewed post overall as everyone wanted to divine future polysilicon pricing from historical data.


Other archive posts still popular with readers included:

UNI-SOLAR PowerShingles pre-announced at Solar Power International 10
Low Concentration PhotoVoltaic System, SunPower style
Making Silicon Metal for Solar

Please see the Top 10 GUNTHER Portfolio Photovoltaic Posts of 2010 for last year’s top posts.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and an Epic 2012 with health, happiness, and prosperity.

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