Top 10 GUNTHER Portfolio Photovoltaic Posts of 2012

Most read as ranked by Google Analytics page views.

The State of the Blog is strong as twitter Followers increased almost 50% to 4351 via organic growth although Blog RSS and email subscribers were flat once again per FeedBurner.


Here are the Top 10 GUNTHER Portfolio photovoltaic (PV) posts from 2012 as ranked by Google Analytics page views and presented in Late Show with David Letterman Top 10 List reverse countdown order.

10. President Bill Clinton Keynote at Solar Power International 2012 – Transcript – no surprise President Clinton makes the Top 10, but I was surprised by European Union (EU) interest in President Clinton’s Keynote Address at SPI 2012.

9. Arizona Western College Solar Array – examined GreenVolts underperformance versus other photovoltaic technologies in comparable conditions.

8. AE Polysilicon shutdown and pending asset sale – the company succumbed to polysilicon industry consolidation as Motech Industries, Inc. (TWO:6244) and TOTAL S.A. (NYSE:TOT) subsidiary Total Gas & Power USA (SAS) ceased funding.

7. Solar Light Flashes: Intersolar North America 2012 Edition – captured attention with leaked GreenVolts performance data and the comparison of SoloPower with Solyndra among others.

6. Solexel and Owens Corning BIPV plans revealed at SunShot Forum – got most of the facts correct in advance of their coming out at Intersolar North America 2012.

5. Photovoltaics: 11 Trends to Watch in 2012 – will be reviewed in my 2013 update, and it better be before February this time.

4. Photovoltaic Conference and Exhibition Preview 2012 – The annual post is still popular with folks looking for concise, independent conference and tradeshow guidance. Will the PHOTON conferences continue in 2013?

3. In Search of the Cogentrix Alamosa Solar CPV Project – I sacrificed a ski day to visit the near complete project, and my diligence was rewarded by fantastic skiing at Breckenridge on fresh snow later in the week.

2. Bloomberg New Energy Finance PV Market Outlook Q2 2012 [Censored!] – so folks want to know about things that are suppressed! Future posts about Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) will be text only.

1. The Nanosolar Efficiency and Cost Roadmap – interest in Nanosolar remains keen as they continue to defy informed consensus as the CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) company most expected to fail per the CIGS PV Poll Results and Analysis.

Please see the Top 10 GUNTHER Portfolio Photovoltaic Posts of 2011 for last year’s top posts. 2011 archive posts displaced polysilicon and silicon metal leadership for the first time ever and included:

SMA Solar Technology reimagines the Microinverter
Chevron BrightSource Solar-to-Steam Demonstration Plant Trials Underway
Compromise to Extend the 1603 Treasury Grant Program for Solar and Renewables

The later is timely during these End of fiscal cliff Days.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year in 2013 with health, happiness, and prosperity.


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