28th EU PVSEC Exhibition Photos

Unofficially, exhibitors declined almost 62% from the 27th EU PVSEC.

With the added distractions of Paris, the City of Light, I did not even manage to get this simple post out during the concurrent 28th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (EU PVSEC 2013), Exhibition, and Parallel Events.

So here is what captured my attention walking around the two, half filled Exhibition Halls in the Picasa slideshow shown below.

Hands down, the FLYSUN field sun simulator from ECOPROGETTI s.r.l. was the most innovative new product on display at the exhibition. FLYSUN can measure the I-V (current-voltage) curve of installed photovoltaic (PV) modules without removing them from the power plant mounting structure. However, the module connector cables need to be detached and connected to the control unit.

From 28th EU PVSEC 2013

Honoring a request to not take photos, I had a chance to peak under the hood of the FLYSUN light source and saw an intricate PCB (printed circuit board) with surface mounted LEDs (light emitting diodes) the most prominent component.

From the EU PVSEC 2013 Exhibition Guide, the unofficial exhibitor count was 250, representing an almost 62% decrease from the 656 exhibitors last year in Frankfurt.

The official 28th EU PVSEC attendance and exhibitor metrics should be released this week, delayed from the traditional Closing Session unveiling.

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