Solar Power International 2016 Exhibition Photos

[Las Vegas, Nevada USA]
Rebooting the Blog.

I must confess. I haven’t written a Blog post in almost two (2) years!
I needed to publish on SPI 2016 day one, so I decided to post a photo slideshow of products and exhibitors I noticed walking around the three (3) exhibit halls: Westgate Hotel – Paradise Event Center, the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) – North Hall, and the Smart Energy Microgrid Pavilion located outside the LVCC. Here is my Photobucket Slideshow.

I expected writing again would be the hardest part of rebooting the Blog.
I was wrong.
Almost my entire Blogging tool chain has required updating and prevented me from posting last week. Google Picasa is one of those tools impacted by deprecation and migration to the defeatured Google Photos. Photobucket is one of the few online photo sharing services offering the ability to embed a Slideshow in a website or Blog. However, Photobucket lacks captions for slideshows though there are titles. But album photos cannot be reordered.

I should have known The Cloud would be the problem and not the solution!


  1. Paul Bostwick says:

    Welcome Back!

    I missed your persistent sniffing about the solar industry!

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