Solar Power International 10 Exhibition Photos

[Los Angeles, California USA]

I am trying to soak in and experience as much of Solar Power International 10 as possible. For now, here is a Picasa slideshow of my random walk through the three Exhibition Halls on SPI 10 Day 1 with captions and a few slides from the SEPA Roundtable Discussion: “Lessons Learned from SEPA’s Utility Fact Finding Mission to Japan”.

And don’t forget, this evening Solar Power International is Open to the Public Night, Wednesday, October 13, 2010, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM at the Los Angeles Convention Center with Free Admission to the Exhibition Halls, educational sessions, and the SPI Job Center.


  1. ECD Fan says:

    Thank you for these incredible pictures and captions! I was, of course, mainly interested in the Unisolar’s one. Does it mean Unisolar never let you see what’s on the back of these Powershingle cells (ie., how the cells are supposed to connect to each other and to the inverter)? As you probably know, contrary to two press releases this week, Unisolar’s solar shingle SHR-17 (first shipped in 1998) was the “the first ever, UL-approved, standard production residential solar module roof shingle available for the US photovoltaic marketplace,” and was honored with the prestigious Popular Science Grand Award, “Best of What’s New (Environmental Technology) ,” and Discover Magazine’s “Technological Innovation Award” for best innovation (Environment). Unfortunately, a few years later, the solar shingle lost its UL certification (the rumor is, due to wiring issues). So, it is still a mystery what exactly is Unisolar hiding behind the cells.

  2. ECD fan is a loser says:

    This guy is a short seller trying to make money driving down this company. He has no interest in buying this product only pleading and lying to others for his own twisted interests.

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